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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tarkan's Organic Songs

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

5th Avea Open Air Concerts posterAfter the Turkish press reported - albeit indirectly - about Tarkan's successful kick start to the 5th season of Avea's Open Air Concerts last Saturday evening, columnist Cengiz Semercioğlu writing for paper Hürriyet has given a lot of space about the Harbiye show in his column dated 4 August 2009.

Although Semercioğlu doesn't have good things to say about the organisation of the show, in his article headlined "A Few Words to the Organisers" he writes that Tarkan was in great form.

"You're damned if you don't go, you're damned if you do," the columnist complains. "If you didn't go you missed a great show, if you did you ended up feeling as though you were in a fight."

Semercioğlu goes on to state the open air arena was so full it was difficult to reach the VIP area, and that the entrance to the specially allotted front row seats was even busier than the public gateways to the auditorium.

Claiming it was because the organisers had given away too many tickets for free to fill empty seats and that he hardly recognised anyone in the protocol area, he observes, "Tarkan comes on stage and says how nice it is to see the place filled to the brim, but it's not so nice when you're in the crowd.

"People fighting, trying to get outside, looking for seats, shouting ... rather than suffer going through all that again, I left after the first half. Which was a shame, because Tarkan was singing beautifully."

Tarkan's Organic Songs

Tarkan at the Harbiye
Tarkan's Harbiye Show, 2009 © Gökhan Es
Following Semercioğlu's criticisms of the organisation overcrowding the stands and VIP area, he continues with Tarkan's performance, for which the columnist has nothing but praise.

"At the start of the concert Tarkan called the tracks he was going to sing organic. 'We're going to perform acoustic versions, we wanted them to be organic songs,' he said to the crowd, before singing numbers he hadn't sung in years.

"Some of the songs had new arrangements, but most were sung along with the whole arena in one voice. The energy Tarkan generates from the stage is so different from every other artist... His voice, too, even with all that movement, that dancing, his voice didn't break, he didn't get out of breath.

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"Tarkan's in great condition. Wearing his pumps and short sleeved shirt it was like he was showing off his time in the gym. He had a good time, and so did everyone else and I'm sure the second half was even better, but it's a pity the organisation wasn't as good as Tarkan..."

Towards the end of his article, Semercioğlu only had one criticism to do with Tarkan's choice of songs in his repertoire for the evening.

The columnist opined: "Having Tarkan sing his "Özgürlük İçimizde" song he penned for rival mobile telecommunications giant Turkcell at Avea's show was frankly miscalculated."

Other Press Coverage from Hürriyet

And finally, although Semercioğlu accused the organisers of carrying an agenda to "fill up seats" and that the the VIP section was filled with only "3 or 4 people" he could recognise, other news reports seems to contradict the Hürriyet columnist's indignation at not being given special treatment - and from the same newspaper, too.

While one article lists nine celebrities of sport, music, and the small screen at the show, another article comments how a subsequent Avea open air line up yesterday evening attracted a much lower attendance figure than Tarkan's show.

Although the concert boasted two of Turkey's greatest popular voices in the classical genre, only 2,000 people is said to have attended - 5,000 less than those recorded for Tarkan's Harbiye show.

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