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Monday, August 03, 2009

Tarkan Lives Forever

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

5th Avea Open Air Concerts posterInitial reports about Tarkan's kick start to the 5th season of Avea's Open Air Concerts reveal that the artist sang to a capacity plus crowd, which counted amongst them a currently popular Turkish sport celebrity.

Turkish paper Sabah writes that Turkish footballer Arda Turan - who became internationally renowned after playing for the Turkish national team in Euro 2008 - attended the famous popstar's show on 1 August at the Harbiye Open Air Theatre to watch the singer perform his greatest hits live.

On noticing his arrival, Turan was cheered by the packed auditorium, which Sabah reports pleased the footballing hero. However, although fans greeted him as they would Tarkan, Turan declined the complimentary comparison.

Turkish footballing hero Arda Turan and friend getting to his seat at Tarkan's 1 August show at the Harbiye in IstanbulQuoting Turan in response to labelling him a star of the football field as Tarkan is to pop, the young sportsman said, "I don't agree. Tarkan is world famous. He's a star. But I'm not a star in football. You never know what's around the corner, tomorrow I might be gone from the field. But Tarkan lives forever in his songs."

With all the seats taken, the overcrowded audience even took to sitting on the stairs or standing for two hours, as alongside Turan, thousands came together to watch their idol give a stunning rendition of his past and present hits.

An Amazing Acoustic Show

Elsewhere, an article in paper Hürriyet - while also running with Turan's presence as the main news story amongst other celebrities at Tarkan's show - reveals that the popstar sang acoustic versions of all his songs Saturday evening in a surprise treat for fans.

However, an article by paper Vatan's magazine section centres on Tarkan's concert, reporting that seven thousand came to watch Tarkan at the weekend.

Claiming that the artist rehearsed for six days, the article reports that the show was notable for the popstar's new hairstyle and dance routines, as he presented 22 of his classic songs with new arrangements for a more naked, acoustic version of the much-loved tracks.

Spectacular Money-maker

Tarkan on stagePaper Sabah has run a series of articles as a backdrop to Tarkan's Harbiye show, claiming that the artist planned to sing with his own music label's newly signed singer Emir, while also bringing new changes to his stage design.

Headlined as "Singing with Emir on Kylie's Stage", the news story goes on to claim that the popstar is utilising the latest LED technology in his stage design - similar to music artist Kylie Minogue - notching up another first for a concert in Turkey.

Meanwhile, in its financial sections Sabah has written about the money that has been generated by the "open air concert wars" between telecommunication rivals Turkcell and Avea - by giving a statistical rundown of the shows' success.

In an article of facts and figures, Sabah columnist Sinan Özedincik reveals that 88 thousand people have been employed as a result of the concerts, with over £13 million (TL) generated in ticket sales alone in the course of five years for Avea's summer season of concerts.

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