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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tarkan News Coverage in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In a summary of news reports covering Turkey's most famous recording artist, today sees an article claiming to reveal Tarkan's real first name.

Screencap of reportAs Tarkan Deluxe correspondent Mark Mayhey reported recently that Armenians have become the latest in a long line of migrant communities in Turkey to try and adopt Tarkan's Turkish genealogy, an article published by Alanya Online has published Tarkan's real first name, claiming that "Tarkan" is his middle name and he has another ancient Turkic name, too, with the meaning "sharp sword" (see left pic).

Revealing that the singer's full name is Hüsamettin Tarkan Tevetoğlu, the article writes that many singers adopt stage names or change their real names because of their profession, and that this also goes back to the Ottoman times.

Meanwhile, as beauty contestants from around Europe enter a local beauty contest in the northern Turkish territories of the island of Cyprus as part of the festivities in the capital of Nicosia run by the Turkish municipality - which includes Tarkan's scheduled 3 October stadium show - another babe of beauty has been talking about the popular singer.

Turkish pop singer Bengü, who has seen a run of pop hits in recent years, has signalled that she wishes to collaborate with Tarkan - after having declared herself "the boss" of pop music.

In the article published by Turkish paper Sabah, Bengü reportedly said that as she has now collaborated with her "angels" Serdar Ortaç, Kenan Doğulu and Yalın, she would like to work with "angel" Tarkan, too.

"I'd like to work with Tarkan ... This way I'd have four guardian angels!" she is quoted to have said.

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