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Monday, November 23, 2009

Faithful Four Thousand Flock to Moscow

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

More reports are being circulated in the Turkish press about Tarkan's live performance in Moscow on 21 November under the organisation of EMRussia and EMConcerts, as part of his three day "Prince of the East" Russia Tour this month.

Four Thousand Flock to See Moscow's Eastern Prince

Russian female fans flock to see Tarkan in Moscow on 21 November 2009Paper Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek reports that nearly four thousand fans - most of them female - flocked to see Tarkan in the newly built six thousand capacity auditorium of Moscow's Crocus City Hall.

Describing Tarkan as being reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson with his dance moves and appearing on stage wearing a hat, the Kelebek account of the show writes that the Russian girls, some of whom stood out in their Tarkan t-shirts, saw Tarkan as a Russian artist and wanted to see the star appear in Russia more.

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Running alongside the star's short tour of Russia, the article also writes that the fans were "delighted" to see Tarkan singing in Russian in TV commercials for his Turkish citrus fruit ad campaign on the continent.

Tarkan in Moscow, 21 November 2009Tarkan in Moscow, 21 November 2009
Tarkan on stage in Moscow (21 November 2009 © Hürriyet)

Life.Ru: "Tarkan's Manager Injured"

Meanwhile, Turkish-Russian news portal TurkRus has published an article about the show headlined, "Tarkan Met His Fans in Moscow: The Hall Wasn't Filled, An Ambulance Was Called" citing celebrity portal Life.Ru as source for the news that Tarkan's manager Uygar Ataş injured himself before the star's Moscow's performance.

It reports that the artist's manager went through a glass door at the venue, suffering cuts to his hands and face, and that even though an ambulance was called, he remained to oversee the organisation of the concert.

Tarkan in Moscow with fans, 21 November 2009Further in the report, while noting that Tarkan went on stage in his "usual style" rather than his recently criticised new look, the article quotes unnamed sources as giving reasons why the Moscow concert did not sell out.

Printing that there were "noticeably large empty gaps" in the crowd, the report lists factors such as the location of the new concert hall being far from the city's hub - making it difficult for the majority of his fan demographic of Russian teens to get to the show - and high ticket prices, but claims, too, there is talk of Tarkan not having a new and popular hit in recent years and repeating old songs in his concerts having had a negative effect on his pulling power.

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