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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tarkan Turns Back on Music for Citrus Fruits?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

The NTG logoAs the Russian cultural capital of St Petersburg gears up to welcome Tarkan in a live performance this evening on the second leg of his November "Prince of the East" Russia Tour, Tarkan's three commercials filmed to his ad campaign for Turkish citrus fruits sold in Russia have been circulating on major TV channels across the continent.

Part of a new campaign as the face of fresh citrus products exported from Turkey to Russia for the Citrus Promotion Group, the three commercials filmed by Turkish director Ezel Akay started to air on major Russian stations two weeks ago.

The TV adverts show Tarkan singing a well-known Russian folk-song called "Ty Pastoi" (Wait) - which is commonly known as "Snow Flurries" or "Snow Whirl" in English - while he introduces Russian families to a flurry of citrus fruits, inducing them to wait a moment and taste the golden taste from Turkey.

Watch Tarkan's Russian Commercials

Tarkan's Turkish citrus fruit campaign in Russia

Turning Back on Music for Oranges?

Opinion in the Turkish press has been somewhat divided about the campaign, with some papers reporting that the Tarkan promotion has caught the interest of the Russian public, raising the profile of Turkish products sold, while variety papers are lampooning Tarkan claiming that he has turned his back on music to sell oranges.

More importantly, representatives from citrus manufacturers in Turkey have tentatively welcomed the Citrus Promotion Group's Tarkan campaign, stating that it would help boost trade and employment back home - especially in Turkey's impoverished southeastern regions.

One representative is quoted as having said that they had heard Tarkan's campaign had generated huge interest, adding the hope that this campaign would translate into higher sales of their produce in Russia.

Other reports in the Turkish press also reveal that the campaign has spurred other manufacturers to attempt similar international campaigns, with less success.

Turkish popstress Hadise has denied previous reports that she would reportedly be fronting a similar promotional push for Turkish made clothes wear in Russia citing other sponsor obligations.

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