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Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Press Talk Tarkan: More News Stories

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe takes another look at some news stories about Tarkan making the print in the Turkish press.

Star's Six Million Dollar Home

Screencap of reportPaper Vatan's celebrity gossip section has published an article about a villa Tarkan purchased for 2.5 million dollars with renovations costing the star over a million dollars (see left pic).

Fitted with an authentic Ottoman hamam, a private gym and a swimming pool, the four storey building will also house a recording studio at the top of the mansion, the Vatan article claims.

Working close with architect Emir Uras and builder Kerim Öztaş - known as the building contractor to the rich and famous - Vatan writes that Tarkan is close to moving into his new luxury home in Tarabya, famous for its fish restaurants, bistros and nightclubs, a neighbourhood located on the European shores of the Bosphorus, in the Turkish cultural capital of Istanbul.

Vatan says that the star also has property in Zekeriyaköy village on the outskirts of Istanbul - popular with Turkish celebrities - and apartments in Ankara and New York.

Meanwhile, as Hürriyet releases photographs of the luxury house, Milliyet's variety section Cadde has published an article on celebrities cutting back on their spending during the global financial crisis, quoting Tarkan as listing cutbacks in concert venues and ticket prices - but not his concert wardrobe - adding that, although it came during a house market upheaval, he was close to completing work on his new home.

Successful at Selling Citrus

Screencap of reportAccording to the Turkish representative of the Citrus Growers Association of the Mediterranean (Comité de Liaison de l'Agrumiculture Méditerranéenne/C.L.A.M), Kemal Kaçmaz, aligning a high profile star to promote regional citrus fruits has been beneficial to the Turkish citrus industry.

Speaking about the Turkish citrus fruit Tarkan ad campaign recently started in Russia to promote Turkish goods in the country, Kaçmaz is quoted as saying that they have run an analysis on the Tarkan media campaign in Russia - which the C.L.A.M rep has conceded is an important market for Turkey.

"In one way, we can say that the Tarkan initiative has worked," he is quoted as saying.

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