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Monday, January 04, 2010

Tarkan Press Snippets

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Sabah logoIn an interview with clarinettist Serkan Çağrı, the musician said that he had got in touch with Tarkan via his manager to ask him if he would collaborate with Çağrı on a tribute album he was working on, but got no response from the star.

Çağrı said: "I reached a lot of singers' agents. For example, Tarkan... I spoke with his manager, mentioned the project, but I never heard anything back from him. I don't know if Tarkan is the one to blame, but I never got a reply. It's a shame as his voice really suits Turkish classical music."

Elsewhere in Sabah, in a report handing out "Fashion Oscars for 2009", Tarkan gets a mention - but only indirectly.

Awarding the year's hairstyle to singer Rihanna, the article states that Tarkan was one of the celebrities on its local turf to copy the style last year.

Haberturk logoCiting reputable news agency the AA as its source, the media portal's report prints what it says is the amount Tarkan was paid by Antalya's top hotel to appear as part of its New Year celebrations - a figure that had been subject to a lot of conjecture in the run-up to the show.

The article claims that the singer was paid close to £150,000 TL to entertain its paid guests early into the new year.

Conflicting rumours had been circulated in the Turkish press in December on exactly how much the star was to be paid by hotel organisers, with reports listing Tarkan as the second highest paid celebrity with a reported figure of £160,000 TL, whilst other reports had placed him firmly at the top of the pile with a much higher quoted sum of £250,000 TL.

Milliyet logoWhile carrying an article about Tarkan's New Year fee similar to Haberturk's, another Milliyet report by Mehmet Çınar is based on the results of the inspections by regional Antalya offices of the Turkish Inland Revenue during the New Year season. It cites that over £8 million TL was generated, with over half a million earned by local and national artists working during the holiday period.

The article reminds readers that Tarkan had appeared at luxury hotel, the Mardan Palace in Antalya - where tickets reportedly ranged from €500 to €1,000 for the best tables to mark the end of a decade with the singer.

Milliyet blogs logoBekir Özgür Aybar, a young music lover taking advantage of the blogging service provided by Milliyet for its readers, has criticised Tarkan and his peers for calling themselves stellar versions of their industry, and yet working during the holidays.

Not directly attacking Tarkan, but using a general tone, Aybar states: "You say you're this country's 'Mega Star', you're number one. But then you should know this. No star goes on stage at five to midnight.

"If you are a true star, you don't entertain, you get entertained at New Year. People who don't call themselves stars but are recognised worldwide are never the ones to sweat on stage during the early hours of the morning.

"If you're really a star you don't go to entertain 500 people, especially who'll only listen to you between drinking and eating, and whose second aim is to be there for you whilst celebrating the start of a new year. No 'Star' does this.

"Real stars only take to the stage to perform for people that come to see only them.

"There's always been the argument: Do we have stars in Turkey? If being a star is banging on stage for three hours to earn half a million pounds, then we have plenty of those. But if a true star is really about greatness, then the answer is obvious."

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