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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letters from the Faithful

Emails have been flying in about Tarkan's four day detainment by the police authorities in Istanbul at the start of this month. We decided to publish a few here. We've also sent some with personal messages to Tarkan to the people concerned.

Due to the growing publicity of the internet and this blog, names have all been initialised for privacy purposes. If those recognising their own mails wish to have their name published in full, they can get in touch with us to do so.

C.S in Monterrey, Mexico writes:

I think all this thing of a raid against "T" was too exaggerated, unless the man is a big fish on whatever moved the police to act like this, but come on people, The Boy is a great singer, I bet most of public cannot even receive visitors in their homes because there's something to hide, people have secrets, so what, there's nothing better for Turkey than Tarkan and his music, if this is a sort of publicity protarkan, hmmmmm there's someone paying for cheap marketing...say no to cheap publicity!


A.G in San Juan, Puerto Rico writes:

Thanks for your blog; I feel I's a trustworthy place to look for information about Tarkan. I like it because you analyze all the news about him. I'm just writing to show support. Also I feel this news about Tarkan using drugs is somewhat strange. He doesn't look like the type that would use drugs, but then, why would police go to his home and even arrest him if he didn't have any cocaine in his home? Or maybe they are framing him…but for what? Anyway, I feel sorry for him and I hope if he is really on drugs, he can rehabilitate. After all, if he is on drugs, he would not be the first singer or actor to have problems with drugs. Keep up the good work with your blog. Love your quotes, too!!


E.B in Brighton, England, UK writes:

I can't believe all this shit they r doing to T over this. Four days locked up for questioning! I mean what is he a terrorist or something!! That can't be right. It just sounds so wrong! We are with you T! Always!


K.I from Iceland writes:

The way everybody goes on, you think he murdered a child. He didn't deal in drugs, and if he takes it he is only doing it to himself. Who is he hurting?


J.S in USA writes:

I was like thank g-d you were back to reporting on the raid. We were going crazy here not knowing what to believe. But I think that there T needs to get out, show his face and do some talking if he can. This thing wont go away by sticking your head in the sand.


N.B from Sweden writes:

I just read the blog and couldn't believe the news about Tarkan and the drug story. It was just 2 weeks ago I watched all his Harbiye Acikhava 2009 show and thought to my self, my God, he seems to be drugged. It was first time I have got such an impression from his videos. I mean from live videos that one can watch on internet. I have been on his concert and didn't notice any such thing. But in Harbiye Acikhava Concert it was very obvious to me that he was acting very strange. I did not think about it until to night when I read the blog.

I hope it is not true and if it is, I hope he dose not have drug problems and it’s just going to pass and is some thing temporary.

Don't get me wrong, I am not going to love him a bit less or criticizing him, I am just very sad for him and want him to feel good about him self and about his life. I am sure you understand what I mean. I am sure he knows that but it never too much to say I love you. Pleas, write a message on your blog that there are millions of people which love him unconditionally. And he should be proud of him self for implanting happiness and joy to all those peoples hearts through his music and sharing the love in his big heart.


A-M in Bucharest, Romania writes:

I imagined many bad things could be possible about Tarkan but not drugs. Maybe I was naive, rather stupid, it doesn't matter, but now I want to ask you a favour. Please send a message to Tarkan from me. I never tried drugs, I am not curious, but it is not the first time when I trust someone who is using drugs, having no idea that he is doing that. I never met Tarkan, I don't know how he really is, but I know this is the road to hell. Not only to death. Not only the body is poisoned, but the soul too. For many years I tried with my prayers to save the man I loved but... it was too late. Too late for his soul, even if he is alive now, too. It was too late because he didn't gave up on cocaine and his soul became cold, selfish, really bad. The man I loved is no longer existing. I doubt that he will ever be again that sensible man that used to be, a man who wrote some wonderful lyrics and used to sing some sensible songs. More than that: he is still singing those old songs but even the sound it is not the same. And it is not a question about the voice, it is about what he is able to transmit or not. It is very sad to look at this man and to see another man instead of him. And wondering: I loved him or just a dream? That man from the start was for real or there was just my imagination?

Tarkan is fooling himself if he is thinking that he is the same person as it used to be before drugs. No one can be the same after drugs. I don't need to taste it to understand it. I felt it in my life. I lost important years of my life waiting for a man that will never come because he is simply dead... There is just a ghost left. If Tarkan wants to become just another ghost... Fame is just an illusion. As I can see, Turks are loving him unconditional. That's really important. And not only Turks, but I am talking about them because they really grew up with him. The choice is simple: you can try to make happy to the ones who are loving you, you return the love you receive, or you care only about your pleasure and pain, you became selfish and cold. No real artist is selfish and cold. That's what I want you to tell him from me. Maybe it is not too late.


Miss A from Romania writes:

Message for TARKAN:

"Maybe the majority will think I'm another obsessed fan of yours, but the last days were so bizarre for me that I've decided to write a message to you. I've never thought I'll be so affected by these rumors and articles published in the international press. I had the impression/sensation that it happened to one of my closest friends: I was totally shocked, it was impossible for me to understand it could happen to everybody including you. Despite all that I didn't change my opinion about you: for me you'll be the same sensitive, warm and tender guy.

You're not the bad guy in this story, you're a good example of "what to do in the critic moments of your life". I find this admirable, this is an example to follow. A good example doesn’t equal with a person who always do the right things, who never had problems and such.

I know that the reporters and the media is creating a storm in a glass of water, it's obvious you don’t need critics right now, I'm for and with you but if you didn't do it already please, wake up and stop making us living a nightmare. You're not only a famous singer; you have behind you not only a successful career but also millions of fans who are supporting and giving you all their love. You may think that way you won't destroy in a few seconds only what you had built during many years of work, but also all those people who trust and love you.

How many times had we listened to your songs?!? In how many ways had you helped us and the whole world!?! You had demonstrated us that you care about the humanity, the nature and about whatever is around us. Now is our turn to give you the confidence you need, and I hope you realized that you'll have it already. You certainly know (or should know) that this community is supporting you despite it all; even though I'm sometimes critical and don't agree with all your decisions, it doesn't mean that I don't love you increasingly more.

If you were really involved in this shit with the narcotics (I don't know what to believe from all those articles) and you still feel guilty about disappointing your fans you should write some lines of what to do or not to do concerning this problem: why it's bad, if it causes addiction, how it starts etc. I'm sure all will appreciate and more than that, it's an excellent way to make the fans understand the gravity of using narcotics (much more if this piece of advice comes from their idol).

Returning to the main idea, I want you to understand that we're not expecting for a perfect man and not even for a perfect attitude (perfection is relative), but we want to see maturity, wisdom and the sincerity and candidness we are accustomed to. Despite the difficulties I hope (and more than that I'm pretty sure) you'll be declared innocent of narcotics trafficking. I know you'll pass over this as you did many times, but do you know why?

'Cause you're TARKAN
'Cause you're my HERO (as your name says)
'Cause you're a LEGEND and we won't let the legend die
'Cause we LOVE, trust, appreciate and need YOU.

And all these should make you feel stronger."

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

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