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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letters from Readers

I wanted to share a sample of the emails that usually make their way to the in box, to give an example of some of the (good) stuff we get. Thank you to all who take the time to write in and give us kudos. I appreciate the kindness all the more for it being undeserving.

By publishing these comments we are not blowing our own trumpet; we are hailing our readers.

Again, due to the growing publicity of the internet and this blog, names have all been initialised for privacy purposes. If those recognising their own mails wish to have their name published in full, they can get in touch with us to do so.

T in Texas writes:

good to see you're back!!‏


M.M writes:

I recently discovered Tarkan Deluxe and, first and foremost, wanted to say THANK YOU for introducing me to Tarkan's music! I actually found your poetry first, and after enjoying that, I had to find out who this Tarkan guy was... He seemed like kind of a big deal, lol.


S.M in Huntingdon, England, UK writes:

I was reading your news list of things (which I love so much by the way!!) and on the five word things post there was a link to a BBC article where I noticed they published a comment of yours!

It has to be you, and it is so funny Ali, you just rock. Do you always comment? Is there any more like that?

Yes, that is my comment. To be honest it was the first one I ever emailed to a BBC article and didn't realise they had published it, so thank you for telling me. It's not something I usually do; it was just something humorous that struck me and I thought I'd share it with Lisa Jardine (the article's writer).


M d G.C.C in Brazil writes:

After reading [Alison's article] at Tarkan Deluxe Title: Everything Happens for a Reason... I decided to send this article from the BBC, very significant that brings hope to people. Mr.Ali, I ask you please send this article [to Alison] and others that require a path to healing. This for many, means something really important.


M.C in Brazil writes:

I am Brazilian, graduated art teacher ... taste of that I read and the Turkish culture. For years I follow the notice of Tarkan in TARKAN DELUXE, I am a big fan.


S & P. B in Canada writes:

Thank you for your Tarkan-lyrics translation. I use and recommend your page to all my friends that like Tarkan.


J.H in Belgium writes:

[Was] looking for some information about Turkish Music Charts, etc.., etc.. , Google brought me to Just amazing! Congratulations! I am active in the Music Industry and will also start up a branch in Istanbul this year. So I am very related to Turkish Music, Artists, etc.. Your blog is just fantastic, the right information, good overviews,... Just wanted to say: Keep Up The Good Work Ali!


K.F from Romania writes:

I was searching for Tarkan and I think that your blog is excellent. I can understand his songs, and a lot a of news about him in one place...I like Tarkan very much and every day its a little Tarkan music in my life..thanks for the blog...I will visit your blog very often...


Omer Ozbey in France writes:

First of all I want to thank you for your excellent blog about Tarkan. I have been a fan of your blog for three years and I am reading it each day, I am a big fan of Tarkan. Unfortunately Tarkan had not come back to France for now 11 years even if it was his most important success abroad, I mean people in France always remember Tarkan and most of people want to have more news about him. On January 28th 1999, Tarkan gave his last live concert in Olympia, so for 11 years he hadnt come back.

So thank you for your blog and lets hope that Tarkan's new turkish album and also his supposed english collaborations will be a big hit around the world and in France too...


B.T writes:

I just want to say thank you for putting up the lyrics and translations for Tarkan's songs. I love to learn about other cultures and their languages, so this is a big help. Thank you again.


K.U from Ireland writes:

You must get a lot of these mails Ali, but I felt the need to write to you and express my heartfelt gratitude that there is somewhere like your blog that I can go to relax and leave the world behind. The world seems such a horrible place to me at the moment, but your blog with your poetry is like a little corner of love where I can come and just leave it all behind. I love your writing so much. It is so meaningful. I am not ashamed to admit it has made me cry, made me laugh, made me think. Thank you so much Ali for sharing so much of yourself with us. Whatever your reasons for starting this journey, thank you for Tarkan Deluxe!

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