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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Letters from America

A lot of emails about Tarkan from the American continent have come into our in-box recently; a few are from old friends but most from new readers. With their permission, I've decided to share some of these on the blog below:

T in Texas writes:

The devine Mr T's new image ohhhhhhhh ohhhh yes, the new pics got printed out and put on the fridge, hub came home from work noticed said photos and said "bloody hell woman he looks like Sinbad", to which I replied "yeah but he just makes me wanna sin bad!! but I do luv ya more!!"

Have of course ordered my usual 2 copies of the new double album!!! Just wonder how many copies of Metamorfoz I will own including 2 of original, 1 of the German [release] as it had the "Vay Anam Vay" video and now 2 copies of this version.


Kate Heath in Whidbey Island, Washington writes:

Hello Ali,

I have had some time to absorb Metamorfoz now. I don't know Turkish, but I do know that I love just about every song on the album. Each one has some nuance that makes them all individual adventures. "Istanbul Agliyor" especially has a wistful, almost bittersweet quality to it that reminds me of thoughts of a home left behind. Likewise, "Pare Pare" leaves me with that same feeling.

His vocals are wonderful. I don't need to speak the language to understand how much emotion he puts into his work. His music, much like the man himself, seems to be approaching a point of metamorphosis as we say it. This is Tarkan reinventing himself - much as has been done by such stellar artists as David Bowie. Each phase of life, each change of the world brings another turning point for Tarkan and for us as we listen to his version of the stories. It presents another phase of a man's life, another brush available to the artist who is painting the international scene with the exotic flavors of Turkish music. I wonder after seeing the cover if this is not Tarkan the ambassador who is showing the rest of Europe that Turks are a polished, cosmopolitan people who are ready to reinvent themselves as well.

And, some of the songs are just downright fun.

I dance now - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - and thoroughly enjoy how Tarkan can be teasing, fun, and a little seductive. here is a joy in him that I hope all the bad press and his detractors will not be able to extinguish.

Tarkan - you have another convert! Rock on, babe. Thumb your nose and the world and smile for we who love you will be waiting share your next adventure.

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Kim in New Jersey writes:

Hi Ali,

Just wanted to send a quick thanks!!!! I really enjoy Tarkan... and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have a clue as to what he was singing about.

I was first introduced to Tarkan through belly dancing class years ago and have been hooked ever since. Nobody, I know, around here even knows who he is... except a couple of Turkish gas attendants who over-heard the music in my car... and my cousin who lives in California. She spent some time in Turkey, taking some classes when she was in college. I think "Simarik" was big in the club scene at the time. I guess the songs Tarkan put out in English really help. (Although, there is just something special about the non-English songs.)

I've devoted my Myspace page to Tarkan for the week... I'm sure some of my girl friends will fall in love.


Claudia, B. in Washington D.C. writes:

Hi Ali,

I just want to say how much I enjoy your website/blog.

I lived in Turkey for 3 years back in the late 80s, so I missed the entire Tarkan craze over there. But I've been a fan of Turkish pop music since that time and I confess that I like Tarkan's music very much. My own discovery of Tarkan began 3 years ago when a friend returned from a holiday in Turkey. She brought back some Turkish pop CDs, with Tarkan thrown in the mix.


Aysha in California writes:

I am a dentist originally from Iran and I live in the USA. I recently found out about Tarkan thanks to your site when looking for something else and came up with you. That was the luckiest day of my life. What a treasure I discovered!


Deema in New Mexico writes:

For those of us that don't want to/have the time to get involved in forums and the like, your blog is the perfect Tarkan fix. Full of culture and news, in a well-educated style, I visit your site everyday and get in a sweat when it doesn't update for a while. Thank you to you and Tarkan for brightening up dull lives. I've really learnt a lot from your blog.


J.P.D. in New York writes:

The other day I heard Tarkan's "Vay Anam Vay" playing real loud from a car in the street and I took a look thinking I'd see some Turks or Persians. But they were African-Americans and Hispanics. It took me by surprise.


Sam in New Orleans writes:

If Tarkan sabotaged his own English language album [Come Closer], does that now mean then that he destroyed his own American Dream?

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