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Monday, March 29, 2010

Press Snippets: Blood Test Rumours Denied

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsAnother quick look at recent Tarkan news coverage in the Turkish press sees the previously reported claims of the positive results from Tarkan's blood test taken whilst in police custody earlier this month being picked up by other news sources (see left pic).

However, Milliyet has run an article refuting claims that blood and urine samples were ever taken from the artist.

Quoting Tarkan's lawyer, "No legal medical or hospital procedure was carried out on Tarkan. Such a thing is impossible on a technicality, because the court in question found that there weren't any links with drug cartels, so Tarkan's case was transferred to another court. The prosecutor there will decided whether or not there is any other case against Tarkan," Milliyet writes.

Screencap of report
Report in Milliyet quotes Tarkan's lawyer denying any blood test
Despite previous statements from the recording artist's lawyer that Tarkan is completely innocent of all charges against him, an article in Star Gazete two days ago claimed that the blood reports taken from Tarkan during his four day in custody following a drug-related bust had come back positive.

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Now Turkish paper Akşam and Turkish TV station Kanal D's news sire has run with the news that Tarkan has reportedly tested positive in the test, with the TV station running a byline that it's a report which will "disappoint his fans".

In Other Reports

Meanwhile, in a piece run by celebrity portal Gecce - from a Milliyet interview with Turkish model Tuğba Özay married to Italian playboy Ludovic Fatizzo - Tarkan is mentioned as the model herself had been arrested and served a term sentence, but for a conviction unrelated to drugs.

In response to the question of the recent spate of celebrities getting into trouble with the law, happily married Özay stated that she had put the past behind her.

"My situation was different ... but rich or poor, it doesn't matter, this can happen to anyone ... I didn't make a mistake, is falling in love a mistake?" Özay asked, hinting at her conviction for ties with a previous gangland lover.

And finally, left-wing news portal SoL has mentioned Tarkan in an article attacking the current Turkish government for not using state artists for Istanbul's inauguration as European Capital of Culture in January, in place of artists like Tarkan.

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