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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Press Snippets: Reports Brand Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportA quick round-up of some recent reports that touch upon Tarkan sees the artist branded as a "drug user" (see left pic).

Tarkan was released on bail following four days in police custody at the start of month after an anti-drug sting operation.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

In an article by Ebru Eğinlioğlu posted in media portal Haber 3, she suggests that contemporary artists of a certain lifestyle had been chosen for Istanbul's inauguration as a European Capital of Culture, rather than artists reflecting true Turkish culture.

Eğinlioğlu talks of artists like Tarkan, and a female singer convicted of cocaine use, as representing Turkish culture at the city's celebrations, when the female artist hadn't actually participated in the event.

Meanwhile in a piece run by Stratejikboyut writing about law changes in Turkey, it groups Tarkan together with child molesters. Although Tarkan has yet to be convicted of any crime, the article writes that according to the law changes "drug users like Tarkan and child molesters" won't be able to apply for gun permits.

Elsewhere, there are reports that suggest Tarkan is going to lose his stronghold in international markets, with other Turkish singers chosen to spearhead Turkish culture in the promotion of Turkish tourism in countries like Germany and Russia (Ekonomik Ayrıntı).

And finally in a different perspective, one columnist writes his admiration for Tarkan, expressing how even if he doesn't listen to the singer's music, Tarkan's campaigns for human rights and nature had made the artist rise in his estimation (Batman Çağdaş).

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