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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Press Snippets: Turning Points for Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTurkish paper Bugün correspondent Aykut Işıklar, in his 16 March dated article, claims that the owner of Istanbul's Şişli Günay restaurant has offered Tarkan the chance to exclusively perform Turkish classical songs for three evenings at the dining venue (see left pic).

Usually having no love for the recording artist, Işıklar hails this as a great opportunity for Tarkan to revive the genre in Turkey, and to inspire young musicians to follow in his footsteps.

"This will be Tarkan's turning point ... everything would be completely different," he writes.

If Tarkan were to accept such an offer, it would be reminiscent of the time the singer performed a repertoire of traditional classics to endear himself to the nation after his "pee gaffe".

Other Columnists Talk Tarkan

In the columns of other reporters, Sıla Onat writes about her irritation of Tarkan's detention overshadowing serious events in the country for HaberX, while in Balçiçek Pamir's column, writing in the new-look Haberturk, there is the suggestion that Tarkan's treatment might be because he fell foul of the majority's view of morality.

"I prefer to believe that I am just exaggerating the power of conservative attitudes [in my country], and that something like narcotics won't throw a shadow over someone who is so talented. Because we shouldn't just pay lip-service to words like [democracy and] freedom," she writes.

Making Points Around the Web

Elsewhere, Milliyet's bloggers have been busy airing their views on Tarkan's detainment by narcotic police in Istanbul.

While one blogger compares a cocaine using Turkish female artist's treatment with Tarkan's, likening their exposure to different wattage light bulbs, another defends Tarkan, believing that it is too easy to punish the singer without knowing all the facts.

A third Milliyet blogger describes Tarkan's custodial process with irony, noting how it has eclipsed news about serious detainees, writing that Tarkan was interviewed for 45 minutes at the court by the public prosecutor, without having to see a judge, before being released.

And Sabah reports that while the convicted female singer - whose case is often compared with Tarkan's four day custody - reportedly said she was saddened to hear of Tarkan's situation, another female singer spoke about Tarkan and the anti-drug sting in an interview published by Sabah.

"Drugs, night life, living on the edge is all a matter of personal choice... For example, Tarkan using drugs is his own problem. Of course I don't condone it. But the choices he makes in his private life are his concern. Tarkan is a honest kid. He'll readily admit to it and say "It's my life". I believe in his courage to do that.

"But you have to put importance on morals, too. In Turkey, if you're using drugs it just becomes publicity. It's not like that in Europe! Look at Kate Moss, she was caught doing cocaine and her career was nearly over..." she said.

In Other Reports

Meanwhile, another singer is reported in paper Vatan as supporting Tarkan, but the article quotes the singer as claiming that it was "close circles in Turkey that got him into drugs", as left-wing news portal SoL talks about a worker's strike being more newsworthy than Tarkan held in custody for a few days.

And there is a mention about Tarkan's future in an article with an astrologer, who claims the next two years will be difficult for the singer (Güncelhaber).

"He will have learnt lessons from this episode, but the next two years will be difficult for him. He should especially take care of his health," so the prediction goes.

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And Finally...

In other news stories unrelated with the drug bust, Sabah has reported that a new music channel hailed as the "MTV for the Turkic nations" has opened with Tarkan's tracks playing alongside songs from central Asia, while Posta interviewed model and pageant titleholder Linda Fäh, who will represent Switzerland at the Miss Universe 2010. Fäh spoke of Tarkan when she was asked if she had heard any Turkish songs.

"Tarkan! Tarkan! That singer who blows kisses," she is quoted as saying.

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