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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Press Snippets: Going Round Tarkan Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn another look at the Turkish press, a mix of reports includes a Turkish woman's magazine celebrating its 35th year in publication with talk of Tarkan (see left pic).

Hürriyet writes Elele magazine is celebrating 35 years in print, mentioning that Tarkan first appeared on its cover in 1995 - and was only the third male to do so at the time. Tarkan also appeared in a 2003 issue and in a 2001 issue of the magazine, where Damla Gökdel had written her observations on the star during the photo shoot.

In 2001, the then editor of Elele Nuray Yavuzer had praised Tarkan's star quality in an interview for Hürriyet marking the magazine's upcoming 25th year mark.

Although Tarkan had been the third, in the interview she calls putting Tarkan on the front cover of the magazine as "a radical first".

She went on to say: "He was our first male cover. In that issue we sold out. But it couldn't have been done with anyone else but Tarkan. After Tarkan a lot of male celebrities got in touch asking us to get on the cover. But that was just for Tarkan.

"We put him on the cover a few times. Our readers called us for months, saying "We want that cover,we couldn't find it." His second album had just been released then. We were celebrating our 250th issue. Tarkan had even come to the celebration as the performing artist."

In response to whether they were considering another male cover at the time, Yavuzer had said, "Tarkan was a real star and no one else has come after him. If there was, we would do the same, we don't have a rule against it, but there's no other star around.

"Because of that the other covers don't go past the ordinary. In those days even the way Tarkan stood was different. He had an unbelievable charisma."

And according to Haberanaliz Victoria's Secret US model Crystal Glidden is a Tarkan fan, while left-wing paper Radikal female correspondent Pınar Öğünç has mentioned the dog made famous after Tarkan's arrest for drugs.

Talking about the festivities in Istanbul as part of police force's 165th anniversary, Öğünç mentions the drug sniffer dog Barbie made famous after Tarkan's arrest doing tricks on parade for the public.

Meanwhile, in an interview for Sabah singer Serhan Sokulgan, who has taken part in a campaign against drugs, spoke about Tarkan and his recent arrest.

"In this country it is easy to destroy. Of course doing drugs is wrong. But the greatest victory is coming back from defeat. If you research on the internet, you'll find that in all my reports I say how I much I admire Tarkan," he said.

Elsewhere however, in an article published by Ayakligazete is a scathing attack on celebrities that do wrong and that they need to punished just as if they were members of the common public.

"A nation that is not courageous enough to battle with evil and dangerous actions will be destroyed by them," the columnist quotes, while also ridiculing Tarkan's lawyer's claims that the singer is innocent.

"Megastar Tarkan went in and came out [of police custody] and then if you look at their comments afterwards, if they could get away with it they'd be saying it wasn't even Tarkan who was arrested..." the article writes.

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