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Friday, May 09, 2014

New Tarkan Features Soon

The Twitter account of Samsun Demir - the head rep of Tarkan's current music label DMC - has been active lately with information about the latest projects to feature Turkish pop's iconic singer, Tarkan.

Demir tweeted yesterday after the announcement of the Kral music awards that the music video to female singer-songwriter Nazan Öncel's latest song release featuring Tarkan was almost ready. Demir informed his followers over his "excitement" that the editing stage was nearly finished.

Lyric video to Tarkan featurette
A lyric video to Öncel's track "Hadi O Zaman" was released last month, and has garnered over two million hits since its release on the new video on demand site netd.

The song has received a lukewarm critical response, but is being supported by strong radio airplay nationwide, entering in at the top spot of digital airplay charts and garnering over a million hits in two weeks. It was also promoted heavily by DMC with the use of such video sharing sites as YouTube to advertise the song's release.

Öncel and Tarkan last collaborated together to his hits "Hüp" (Karma, 2001) and "Dudu" (Dudu, 2003), whilst he featured on two tracks for Öncel's own 2004 album Yan Yana Fotğraflar Çektirelim.

There had been rumours of a new collaboration in the works as far back as 2012, with Öncel confirming this by tweeting that Tarkan had visited her, signalling the end to a decade long creative hiatus between them. When ready, the new music video showcasing their recent collaboration is expected to be premièred at netd's music channel updating the link to replace the lyric video.

UPDATES: Video release delayed due to Soma disaster >>
Video release on 28 May premières on netd >>
Song slips to third place from second slot in radio charts >>

Meanwhile last Sunday, Demir tweeted the news of a new Tarkan song slated for release this summer. According to Demir the iconic pop star is set to feature in Turkish producer İskender Paydaş' second celebrity compilation album this year.

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Paydaş is noted for his contributions to Turkish pop music, most notably on singer Mirkelam's 1995 album (on which Tarkan provided backing vocals to the lead track "Her Gece"). Mirkelam's breakthrough record is seen by some critics as one of the keystone pop albums to come out of the golden age of Turkish pop music in the nineties.

Tarkan and Paydaş know each other well, having travelled on tour together. Paydaş played live sets with Tarkan, appearing on stage at the Hippodrome in London during Tarkan's 1997 European tour.

However the feature will come as a surprise to some fans, as the pop music crowd were expecting a new solo album from the singer this year. Demir had tweeted earlier in April that Tarkan was the surprise name in Paydaş' album with a new song planned for release at the end of May (now August), and that Tarkan's album had been shelved until 2015.

With rumours last year claiming that the release of Tarkan's latest album was delayed until 2014, Tarkan's long-term producer Ozan Çolakoğlu had given a tentative May 2014 release date in a corresponding interview.

Now Tarkan looks set to feature on Paydaş' album this summer - in a similar show of support given to Çolakoğlu, when the pop icon featured on a dance hit he penned himself for Çolakoğlu's début album in 2012.

UPDATE: Tarkan on set for new video to Paydaş track >>

This has given rise to rumours that Çolakoğlu and Tarkan have parted ways indefinitely, and that Paydaş may be in line to produce the singer's next studio album.

The rift is rumoured to have started because Çolakoğlu's singer girlfriend, Gülşen, was not selected to feature on the award-winning tribute album Aysel'in (Aysel's), for which Tarkan won a best cover gong with "Firuze" (Firouzeh).

Çolakoğlu did not produce that song, and has been concentrating on his own separate projects with different artists, including a successful musical pairing with his girlfriend, whom he had denied going out with during his début release.

Watch Gülşen and Çolakoğlu team up with Tarkan's ex-backing singer >>

Rumours of a split between the two men have been circulating as far back as July last year, and if they are true, it will be the first time Tarkan has worked without his long-term producer on a Turkish language album release.

UPDATE: Following the rumours, Demir tweeted on 19 May that Tarkan was working with both Çolakoğlu and Paydaş for his latest release, officially quashing suggestions of a rift between Çolakoğlu and Tarkan. A day later other news confirmed Paydaş working closely with the pop singer on his album, with some left wondering whether Çolakoğlu stopped working on the album, leaving it for Paydaş to complete. On December 17, however, Çolakoğlu shared a selfie with Tarkan on his Instagram account to finally put an end to the "silly speculations and rumours". Demir tweeted the photograph on his Twitter account the same day.

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