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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tarkan in Video for Animal Shelter

The day that we wish for every living thing what we wish for ourselves is the day the entire world will be filled with peace. Come and join us!"

Music artist Tarkan has given his backing to the largest animal shelter project ever devised in Turkey.

Planned to provide food, water and a safe haven for strays, the pop icon has uploaded a video on his social media networks to ask people to pledge their support for the ambitious "happy home" project. It's reported the shelter is designed to cover around 9,000 square meters and, once completed, there will be a guest-house for volunteer workers and a hospital for different species of animals.

Part of the singer's greater campaign to raise awareness over environmental issues, the animal shelter complex is being built in the western province of İzmir's Seferihisar district, which he had first visited over two years ago.

The popular music artist had visited the peaceful coastal town of Seferihisar on 21 September, in 2012, where he had taken the decision to give his backing to another construction project - the building of a nature academy in conjunction with Turkish nature society Doğa Derneği.

He had shared the 2012 visit with his Facebook followers by posting photographs along with a note explaining that he had seen "the future of Turkey" at Seferihisar, with a pledge to back future projects. Now the singer has given his backing to the building of a shelter for animals in need.

Tarkan's campaign launch to help stray animals: "Come on and join us. Show your love."

The music used in the animal shelter video is from Tarkan's promotional single "Uyan", distributed with conservation society Doğa's first issue magazine in 2008, while some images used in the animal shelter video were published with Tarkan's 2012 Facebook message on the protection of animals, which significantly he posted during a religious holiday where animals are ceremonially sacrificed.

In that message he had said that animals "are living creatures just like us" and "have the right to be born, to live in proper conditions and to be protected".

Practising what he preaches, two years earlier, the PETA Files ran an interview with Tarkan - after he appeared in an ad for the animal rights organisation - where he revealed he had four rescued dogs living with him on his ranch in Istanbul.

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