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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Message from Heathrow

I am currently at a boutique hotel near Heathrow airport, in what they call a comfort room, waiting for my morning flight with British Airways to Larnaca in Cyprus.

I will be catching a POD that takes you straight to the terminal, and if I'm honest I will be glad to get to the VIP lounge, check in, and sit down with some filtered coffee.

Airports have always been this strange space of interims: portals of waiting, reunion, loss. In other words Life itself: as filtered as the coffee bleary eyed travellers grab at greedily to buzz out the boredom.

It is also an opportunity, if one wishes to take it, of reflection. A chance to distil thoughts into a simple clear form or colour, a sentence or a word to describe what is important to you.

Sharing. Compassion. Love. I am sure we will have these in our personal lists, but how much do we allow these ideals into our lives? Or do we only think about them when we are in stasis, up in the air as we wait for life to resume? Like a coffee we grab at desperately to shake out our sleepy stupor, do we only think about them when the need takes hold of us?

Regular readers will see where I am going with this. The point is to keep love in your life all the time, to make love your life. It shouldn't be treated like some weary traveller's addiction to coffee, an aid to pass the time or to wake us up from a life little less than ordinary: it should be treated as a journey's end - the point we are going to, where life resumes, begins, or is picked up from where we left off.

It is not easy. Modern life has many obligations. We can get too involved in our work or social commitments and only grab at love as a break, but I have always believed that my first priority in life was to love. After all, it was love that made me, and my new family. Have the courage to make it yours, too, and don't be put off by those who would dissuade you.

Because if you treat love as though it were just a coffee break from life, death will come as the end to one wasted. My job is my coffee break in between my time with my family, not the other way around.

And in my will I have left my children and my wife all I own, as it should be, but I have also left my children something that they share with you - this blog. I leave it to them so they understand to try and always make love central to life. For even my articles on hate were not written with hate.

How can I hate others when they are human beings like me? I don't hate anyone because I don't hate myself. I am you, you are me: we are all made from the atoms of stardust. We all bloom in the sun, close our eyes to the dark.

Love yourselves. Love others. And you will shine. It is that simple.

Be with love always, and when death comes, no matter how gruesome or peaceful, we can enter its dark with the courage of light.

It is with that simplicity that I can put my hand on my heart and say I have love for everyone that has passed by here on their journey.

Good or bad, you were all blessings and lessons in equal measure, and for that I thank you.

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