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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last Night Memories

last night I remembered
as I drove to you that last night
the world was on heat; in the car
         a silent storm
of flashes; lamp lights lit raw,
and the bittersweet perfume of expectation
on lips and the damp air, warm creases
building into a release of timed seconds
bringing me closer to where

I would always remember
you patiently waiting in Cyprus; sitting on
that bench by an open border;
a shadowed face gracefully bowed
in some magazine, a space away
where I believed for a second or two
I could feel you breathing

in me; and did you listen, too? -- at how
when we fucked we became electric
energy unseen except for the sparks striking
when I touched the lines of your pussy;
         fucking as one sound,
indivisible under one body,
a nation underground a country,
under one goddess; where we placed hands
on hearts reciting with joined fingers
and hips moving like kissing lips;

how the joining was divine justice;
I had your back, as I picked you up
and fucked you against the wall, I knew
you had mine in a promise to bare all
to minds turned off from guilt
or regret and oiled with sweat --
that great loosener of limbs
and the intimacy it brings;

and did I ever tell you? -- how
         you were many things
that last night in my room: beautiful,
irresistible, tender, excruciating,
a maddening, merciless peak --
laughing to speak of mountain
refusing to crumble
to crashing coast --
but together we were climbing
and there was no position,
no touch, no predilection too outre
to pay homage to the goddess in you:

a dark Aphrodite of many forms, to love
as flesh is to hair to sense your air;
from an affectionate embrace
to unleashing the skin
from the proprietary of morals
we cage ourselves in;
         for humans at their most human are
often fucking like animals;
our most naked shore
is the one at its lowest ebb;

and you climbcrawl
through a ridiculous web
heated with spit and the sinew
of sleepness night and morning dew;
reaching higher to
a fucking philosophy
of human nature that renders you
irrelevant to everything gone before --

         where desire is the annointed messiah
baptised with faith
and your body's holy water;
where desire is a swimmer
refusing to drown
until you surrender;
where you are an intoxicated passenger
and desire is the designated driver;

the same that I remember drove me
         that last night to you,
waiting by a bench
on an open border;
where I believed for a second or two
desire would breathe
in us forever.

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