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Monday, March 05, 2018

Late Lyricist's Daughter Talks Tarkan

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

A newly published book is commerating the 10th anniversary of poet and lyricist Aysel Gürel's death, compiled from the late feminist's poems, words, letters and work notes.

The insightful publication into the mind of one of the most groundbreaking lyricists in Turkey is planned to be the first of a series of ten, Gürel's daughter revealed during the promo for the book.

"My mother left behind numerous poems and lyrics ... we found them scattered everywhere, in cupboards, just everywhere. My assistant and I had difficulty putting it all in a chest for safekeeping," Gürel's daughter, actress Müjde Ar said.

She also added that Turkish pop's megastar Tarkan has two large dossiers of Gürel's lyrics in his keeping. "My sister deals with that side of things... but we give to anyone who asks...Tarkan has two large files of my mother's work," Ar revealed during the report.

Tarkan has had success with his posthumous collaborations with Gürel. His 2010 song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") swept the awards board in 2011, while his contribution to the late pop lyricist's tribute album won him an award in 2013.

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