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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tarkan Strikes Back!

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Song cover 2010
Sleeve to Tarkan's 2010 "Love's Last Strike"/Photography by Los Angeles based fashion and celebrity photographer
Giuliano Bekor
Turkish national radios across the country have just played Tarkan's latest song at 5 o'clock local Turkish time this afternoon, in what has been termed as Tarkan's spring gift to his fans.

From a new album that will be released in the coming weeks, Tarkan's latest song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") has aired across Turkey on all major national radio stations for the first time today.

For five minutes all of Turkey and the Turkic nations were listening to Tarkan's first offering of 2010, marking up to millions of listeners.

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Some stations had played a song by female pop singer Deniz Seki, who has been convicted of cocaine use, just before Tarkan's track as a nod to his own drug case.

Highly relevant to Tarkan's own life at the moment, Tarkan Deluxe founder Ali Yildirim has kindly explained to us that the meaning of "last strike" in this context is from "fighting slang" where a fighter on the verge of defeat makes a "last-ditch" attempt with a final golden blow to win.

Tarkan: "Love's Last Strike"

Hi-def version of Tarkan's 2010 songClick on banner for hi-def photo of "Love's Last Strike"

Listen to the first radio play of Tarkan's song as it happened on Pal FM

The song was played on Pal FM's female radio DJ Yasemin Şefik's show, who has been tweeting about the event today. Towards the end of the song she expresses her joy at hearing a new track from Tarkan, while inviting listeners to call in about their thoughts on Tarkan's latest musical offering.

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With lyrics penned by the late lyricist Aysel Gürel - rumoured to have been discovered after her death - and composed by Tarkan with arrangements by Ozan Çolakoğlu, the song talks about love's last-ditch attempt at victory over a break-up.

English translation of Tarkan's 2010 songClick above for English translation lyrics | Click here for original lyrics in Turkish

Song Credits

Lyrics: Aysel Gürel
Music: Tarkan
Arrangements: Ozan Çolakoğlu

Violins : Gündem | Electric Guitar : Can Sengün | Bass Guitar : Birkan Şener | Acoustic Guitar : Erdem Sökmen | Production : Hitt Music Productions Ltd | Distribution : DMC | Mixing & Recording : Levent Demirbaş | Mastering : Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta, The Lodge New York | Studio : db Müzik | Photography : Giuliano Bekor | Styling : Avo Yermagyan

Official Site Updates

HITT's newsletter about Tarkan's latest songThirty minutes before Tarkan's latest song was played across Turkey for the first time, official sites HITT and updated their pages.

While HITT released the press statement it had sent earlier this morning to the media on its site (see left pic) and added a new head banner, had run a new "coming soon" page, whilst playing an intro to the song.

The song began playing in full at the official site in time with all major radio stations.

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