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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Love Speak

Since yesterday, the girl that looks after my inbox and forwards me my mails has become distressed.

"There are hundreds of mails," she writes to me, "and they all say the same thing. Is it true that Tarkan's first English language song has come out? What should I tell them?"

She, like I, have known about "this song" for three days now. A DJ working on a Turkish radio station in Turkey sent me an email to the inbox managed by my friend last week, explaining that he had a good quality copy of Tarkan's first English language song.

Simply put, the single that everyone has been waiting for.

The title of the song is "Love Speak". Google this name or use a peer-to-peer network client and I am sure you'll find the song by now, as he leaked it yesterday. In cyberspace, news travels fast.

For obvious reasons I will not name the man or the radio station, as he could be out of a job for leaking the song to the Internet before any official release.

However, I replied to him in the way that I will now reply to all those mails regarding "this song" in this post.

I do not advocate the sharing of any uncredited work, or the copying of work without the express permission of the owner.

As owner of my own intelligent property, I know what it feels like to have your hard work illegally distributed.

I also don't know whether "this song" is actually Tarkan's soon to be released new single.

Like everyone else, if this is his new song I will wait for the official release and go buy the original CD at the shops or over the Net.

Of course, though I may not agree with those fans that will obviously now search the Net for a copy of the song, I will always defend their freedom to do so. For I know that most fans are not trying to steal Tarkan's work; they just want to have a taste of what they have been waiting for so long.

So now, please stop asking me about it.

Finally, I will say one thing. If this unconfirmed song is Tarkan's song, then the name of the song is very suitable for current events.

Let hate "sush" and love speak.

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