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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Tarkan All At Sea?

If you believe the news on MMC, the Turkish music channel, it seems that Tarkan is set to release a new Turkish album very soon, which had been planned for August, but now may reach the market in September this year. No mention was made of the release of an English album.

This new Turkish album, as I posted before, is rumoured to be a return to the old songwriting partnership between Tarkan and Turkish diva Sezen Aksu.

Some newspapers have also reported that an old Tarkan song, previously unpublished, is to be added to this album.

Said to be entitled Kudurmuyorum (Not Going Crazy), MMC has reported that the first single of the album is to be the song "Deniz" (Sea).

It also reported that Tarkan took deep sea diving lessons for the new music video to the song, and that he suffered acute bronchitis as a result.

It seems it was this reason, and not because of an old knee problem, that some of the Avea concerts were cancelled.

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