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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Illegal Write-ins

I want to thank everyone that wrote in concerning the recent piracy news post. If only all fans were like you, not just the music industry, the world would be a better place.

Here are a select few:

I am a really big fan of Tarkan. I have 3 legal copies of all his CDs: One to play, one as reserve and on kept in pristine condition. I truly believe he deserves every penny he gets from me. He is a wonderful talented person not to mention gorgeous and sexy.

I too hate piracy and have offended many friends by refusing to copy my CDs for them living here in Texas (I'm an English girl on visa). I find it very hard to buy his music in stores so I rely on Tulumba and Amazon for all my needs.

Yes I could easily download music from the Internet, but I love to have have the CD in my sweaty little hands. Fans who take part in piracy in my mind and heart are not true fans like me. I want his English album to succeed, but as you say many fans are not going to let this happen just to save a few dollars and the people who make money out of him should be brought to justice harshly!!

Well that's my point of view. Long live Tarkan. He is the best.

xx Keep well and happy and thank you too for all the Tarkan info and inspiration for Tarkandeluxe xxx

Thanks, lots love T,
Texas, USA xx


Hi Ali,

You know I didn't think much about downloading before this thing with Tarkan, but now it gets me soooo mad! I hate to even think that in some small way we have helped to destroy his dreams. I think of all the times we shared mp3s in the forums and I feel so ashamed, even if this is only a small way. To have any part in this is bad. I want to thank you because you were the first (as I can see) to speak about this long ago, and I want to also say don't worry. Because thanks to your views, which most of us hold important, and because we see to what effect this had had on our lovely Tarkan, fans are becoming more responsible.

Just wanted to tell you that!


Ceile, Paris, France



Downloading when an album has been released maybe I could understand. But what was the attraction of people in the same industry stealing Tarkan's songs? Jealously? They had enough of the man's works selling millions of copies? So why try and destroy? Why not create yourself instead?

Anyway, I always like to buy the CDs and vinyl wherever I can. The sleeve notes, the smell of the vinyl, the authenticity of the product are all integral and cannot be adequately replicated on-line. Like Coke I prefer the real thing.

However, Ebay is very addictive for buying back catalogue items at good prices, especially if an album hasn't been releasd in your country. Plus most high street stores are over-priced and perhaps the internet is the best way for artists and smaller labels to sell direct to the consumer without the middle man?

David Spencer, Oxford, UK


Hi Ali,

Excellent blog, excellent man :)

You know I am not 100% against downloading, sometimes this is help to introduce works of new artists, but in this way where people maliciously steal to make money from someone's work that not their own work, is I have to say, very bad.

But I believe that anyone who truly appreciates music will want not just to have a stolen mp3, but covers and lyrics, too. So actually if you find these on the Net and then put them all togther, this is bad, too!

Then people, like in my country Russia, will just put all of this together and make own CDs to cheat us with. Tarkan gets no money for his songs, only Russians do.

I think those who sell have no conscience. It is no way or good to try and speak to their hearts. They want to steal and make money of backs of others. You do right thing. You speak to the hearts of people that can listen, the fan, not to buy cheap pirate copies or download stolen songs.

I don't know if problem will change in Russia. Here CD piracy is very bad.

J.V, Moscow, Russia


Hi Ali,

I think it is really about awareness. People are not really aware how much Tarkan fans are being taken for a ride on certain products. I would say Tulumba is the best place to buy any Tarkan product, it is the cheapest out of all the respected sites. I would warn people to use common sense when buying from Ebay, because many products that can be bought cheaply from Turkey, are doubled, and a buyer who knows no better is being scammed out of their money. Turkish magazines with Tarkan reports in them are a good example.

Another site I'd warn people from is the supposedly Tarkan Shop, which is run by a fan. He has been making money off Tarkan's name for years at very high prices. A magazine that costs about 50 pence in my money, is being sold for over 6 pounds on his site. That is without postage costs. It also claims to have a translation booklet, but it is just bits copied off other people's sites.

I would watch out that he hasn't made money off your translations, too, Ali.

It is these type of people that also help towards piracy, because when a fan is confronted with such ridiculous costs, then of course you are tempted to just download for free.

That's why, even though it is a US store, I stick with Tulumba. I just wish they'd open up a London branch at least.

Elizabeth Manning, London, UK

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