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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tarkan Sings For Peace

Tarkan in Cyprus gave one of the largest concerts ever held on either side of the divided island of Cyprus yesterday evening, to thousands of fans. He sported a silver studded jacket as part of his new stage clothes.

After having last been in this part of the world eight years ago, Tarkan was finally back in northern Cyprus on the first leg of his international tour, for a sell-out concert following the release of his debut English language album.

The port town of Kyrenia in the northern part of the island hosted the event, its roads were blocked with traffic for nearly seven hours nearing the start of the concert.

From ten o'clock onwards, Greek Cypriots from the internationally recognised southern part of the island also danced with Tarkan and his songs, in a peaceful display of unity never before seen on the island.

Giving the atmosphere of a huge beach party, the concert is being hailed as a successful "concert for peace", with Tarkan being the first artist ever to gather such a large crowd of Turkish and Greek Cypriots together peacefully in one place.

Many political dignitaries and local stars from all across the island also attended the event.

The next leg of his tour takes place in Bulgaria on the 2 June.

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