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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tracing Tarkan Trends with Google

Google Trends Logo Google Trends launched on the 10 May. It's a good analysis tool aiming to provide insights into broad search patterns, tracking how often specific search terms are entered into the Google search engine.

As a Google Labs product, it is still in the early stages of development.

Google has opened up its search archives to make this possible, but results only go back as the past three years, and therefore is only based on a small portion of searches.

So, how popular is on Google compared with world music stars that have often been credited with similar status?

Keeping in mind that the searches do not hold the years 1999-2000, when Tarkan was at the height of his popularity internationally, and the years archived are the three years in which he only released Dudu and the Avea promotion Ayrılık Zor, Tarkan was compared to nine other artists in Turkey and other countries that enjoy the same "superstar" title.

The results were very interesting.

With most of these artists, Tarkan beats them all in searches by different languages, apart from their own national language.

These trend checks are just for fun, and do not in any way imply or accurately portray the popularity of one artist compared to another. It just shows the broad interest of search on Google about an artist in the past three years.

And the winner is...
Despite the years being a hiatus for Tarkan, his searches were more popular that Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi and Despina Vandi from Greece, more popular than the flagsingers of Arabic music Amr Diab and Cheb Mami, and outdid his own Turkish counterparts Mustafa Sandal and Sertab Erener.

David Haselhoff, known for his TV series Knight Rider and Baywatch, is musically popular in German speaking countries. The results show that Tarkan searches also surpass searches for Haselhoff in these countries.

Even search interest between Italian Eros Ramazzotti and Tarkan is a competitive struggle, with Tarkan in the lead slightly.

Tarkan has only recently released an English language album, so comparisons with international artists that have released English language albums is arguably not a realistic trend check.

However, when we check Tarkan searches against Ricky Martin, who has released two English language albums, Tarkan still comes a very close second.

Tarkan kick starts his latest international tour on May 26, while his second single is set to be released in June.

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