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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Letter from Bucharest

Dear Ali,

Nadia and her sistersI want to tell you that I've been to Tarkan's concert a few days ago and it was amazing, so well organized.

I've been waiting for it since May and with all the delays my patience decreased with each day, but finally the concert took place.

To be honest it was 1,000,000,000 times nicer than I could ever imagine.

Since the morning, me and my 2 other sisters did a cardboard with "Seni Seviyorum Tarkan" written on it. It was one of my sisters idea. We got prepared and we went towards Sala Polivalenta at 5:00 p.m even though the concert was planned to start at 8:00 p.m. We wanted to be there to take good places.

But when we arrived there to our bad surprise....there were only 30-70 people..and it was 6:30 !!!! We fortunately got the best places in front, in the first row. While I was sitting and waiting I understood that there was really a lack of interest from Bucharest. I did not know why, but I remembered what you said, Tarkan's voice is as good in life as it is in his recorded songs.

I was happy and said to myself "the people who did not come, do not know what they lost", but still felt bad about it. Then 30 minutes before the concert started, me and my sisters talked to a brunette man, I think Tarkan's manager, and complained about the lack of promotion of the concert.

Finally the concert begun with fireworks. While Tarkan was singing "Start the Fire" I could not believe it!! I was so so happy. I enjoyed each moment. I did not care about the people around me. I danced and sang and from time to time looking around and almost nobody was singing or dancing or enjoying the time.

Tarkan's Romanian fans disappointed me so so much!!

It was great, song after song, word after word I felt Tarkan's passion for his job, for his lyrics and feelings. It was so nice, the concert made me believe that Tarkan is really a good and kind person.

We were with a group of the Turkish guys in the front, these guys were from the International School of Bucharest (ISB). Thanks to them Tarkan felt better as they encouraged him after each song. Me and my sisters joined them too, and we had such a nice time, especially when he sang "Gül Döktüm Yollarına" and I must confess that I had tears in my eyes when "Come Closer" and "Verme" started.

Ali I want to thank you for your work! That you were right!! Tarkan's voice is as good as it is in the recorded songs...and even better.

All the best,

Nadia Bolbol, Bucharest, Romania.

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