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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Start the Countdown

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Start the Fire advert on Tarkan's official site

Less than a week away, the German section to Tarkan's official site has started the countdown to Tarkan's second single release with an update to their pages. The site's layout banners now promote "Start the Fire" and its pending release for 18 August.

The single has already been released on the iTunes German music store. Released on August 11 and available only at the German music store, it offers 5 tracks, including the original album track and the Mousse T reworkings. To access the store outside of an iPod, people need to download software on to their PC.

Two 12-inch versions have already been released, too - a limited red vinyl print and a club promo release.

Start the fire videoMeanwhile, the music video to "Start the Fire" has been circulating on German TV since the beginning of August. A week ago Tarkan's official site released the music video to the single, asking visitors to leave feedback about the video at the guestbook. Most comments have been positive.

Directed by Kıvanç Baruönü and filmed in Istanbul, the video seems to suggest three different Tarkans - something the artist himself has mentioned in various interviews about his character. With dominant black and white colours, there are suggestions of an "angelic" and a "devilish" Tarkan, while the "human" Tarkan is in between the crowd.

Baruönü has worked with Tarkan before, directing the video for Tarkan's songs "Hüp (Ozinga Remix)" and "Verme". He also edited Tarkan's music video for his first English language single "Bounce".

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