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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Destiny: A Feline Farewell


a garden drinking
from nature's bosom
with every thought of you
has colluded with your cat,

the cat you loved so well,
with tiger stripes and
tiger leaps, the one
with the sliced emerald eyes
and the bare white band of fur
on skin-sheathed claw,

I heard the whispers
of the flowering trees,
arms bent low from the wind
I had thought so then,
we have woken,
where is she?

I listened to the scratching
at a sapling's bark;
wait, she will come,
a spring destiny is not
just for some

but waiting is a fly
caught out on a spider's web,
and as the garden swells
each day with the
newly arriving
your cat has bid me farewell.


it went one day in
a feline felicity of expression,
unwilling to affirm
the last gasp of sunset,
or of a spring story's
destiny short-lived,

an exiled god once worshipped;
the tread of paw
that does not forget
walked in thought unbowed,
proud and free,
turning back just once
to meow at me;

she took too long
the meowing seemed to say,
I'll find her,
bring her back to stay

and I did not reply,
simply stared eye to eye,
admiring the sure-footed
courage of its swaying song,

and listened to my mind
beat out a goodbye,
in an odyssey of waiting
for you and your cat
that's gone.

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