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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tarkan Cuts in the Press

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

On the back of Tarkan Deluxe publishing reports from two of Tarkan's bodyguards yesterday, today Turkish newspaper Sabah supplement Günaydın has released news about Tarkan's security, and about one previous security guard complaining of not getting paid.

Holding the headline "I gave him 4 years but I couldn't get my money!" (29 Nov, 2007), the newspaper has published a claim by Güray Güler - who was part of Tarkan's security team between the years 2002-2006 - that the famous singer owes him 5 thousand YTL (New Turkish Lira), which in today's market is nearly 3 thousand Euros.

"Going everywhere with bodyguards until now, news has been released that Tarkan will be using his security part-time from here on. Instead of having his guards follow him every second, the famous singer has taken the decision to only have them with him at the necessary times. Taking the first step in this direction, Tarkan has let go of the security team hired from his almost 7-year-long bodyguard Levent Ağaoğlu's company to protect his house".

Alongside the alleged changes to Tarkan's security, Güler's allegations of not being paid follow under the subheading of "I'm owed 5 thousand YTL". It is alleged the "130 kilo, goatee-beard bodyguard" who had been a constant fixture beside the star was complaining that, after four years of service, he was still owed money.

Even though the paper printed the news as though Tarkan personally owed Güler money, it is more likely that as an employee of Ağaoğlu's company, which handles all of the pop idol's security, it is the company's obligation to pay - if any - back wages for ex-employees.

Fashion Going to the Dogs

Meanwhile, last Monday Günaydın had published a long report on Tarkan's girlfriend, lawyer Bilge Öztürk, who it seems is turning her hand to fashion - for cats and dogs.

Describing Öztürk as someone who refuses to "wear real fur, or bags and shoes made from animal skin", the report goes on to state that no animal products are used in any of her designs.

The famous singer's girlfriend explains that the idea for designing accessories for home pets came when she was looking for a suitable way in which to carry her 9 month old terrier, which she and Tarkan had bought together. Even though Öztürk sees it as a hobby for now, setting up a company with a fellow lawyer she gave it her dog's name "Fındık" (Hazelnut) - transformed into Fndk - and is now hoping to sell the items abroad, too.

With a website where items can be purchased online, and a glossy catalogue, Öztürk aims to corner the niche market in Turkey for luxury pet items.

More Twists in the Aksu Tryst

As Tarkan's girlfriend aims at one market, the singer has his eye closely on his own, with more rumours coming out of the celebrity supplement Günaydin in regard to his relationship with Sezen Aksu.

While reporting about the street clash Tarkan had with reporters a few nights ago, this article further claims that Tarkan had previously declared "I won't be singing Sezen Aksu songs from now on", and when asked about this Tarkan had become angry that evening.

The rumours printed suggest that the diva did meet the pop idol to give him another song, but due to an unrelated argument she took it away again, making them sound like childish lovers.

The one certain thing is that only the release of a new Turkish album will put pay to all the rumours circulating in the celebrity press.

Tarkan Nostalgia

And finally to end with, here is another piece of Tarkan nostalgia from the press: an 11 May, 2001 article by Turkish paper Akşam, titled "I'm sorry".

While printing news heralding the arrival of Tarkan's Kuzu Kuzu single, it closes the story of the "Mehmet Gül fiasco", when a leading member of a nationalist political party had made the statement, "I'd like Tarkan more were he not gay". This had angered the singer so much that he had been ready to take the politician to court for his public statements on TV.

The Akşam report reveals that the matter was resolved out of court. Thanks to the intervention of a prominent member of Tarkan's family, politician Gül made a public apology to the singer. The paper writes:

"Explaining that his comments about Tarkan had been unnecessary, "I'm sorry for having upset him and his family," [Gül] said. Thanking Tarkan's cousin Muhammed Tevetoğlu, too, he said that for him the matter was now closed.

The article goes on to quote Gül further: "I've listened to Tarkan's concerts too. He is promoting [Turkey] worldwide. Really I just wanted to criticise his latest image."

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