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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tarkan Street Clash

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Reports about Tarkan via the Turkish media's magazine TV and news channels last weekend paint the picture of a stressed out celebrity, hackling at hounding reporters and having a run-in with the police.

The claim is that as Tarkan and long-term girlfriend Bilge Öztürk were on the way home after an evening out in Istanbul, reporters tried to question the star about Sezen Aksu on the way to his vehicle.

TV footage aired last evening on Show TV showed one journalist asking if Tarkan would be putting a different Aksu song into his latest album, after removing the song entitled "Nezaket". The singer retorted that he "wasn't going to give a report about such questions."

When the reporter responded by asking what questions he would answer, before getting into his chauffeur driven transport, Tarkan replied, "Ask me about something positive."

As news gossip is claiming a new - and growing - rift between Tarkan and one-time music mentor Aksu, journalists are waiting to see if Tarkan will appear at the gala of the Aksu musical production That Woman, to be held on the 13 December at İstinye Park Cinemas in Istanbul.

"My driver doesn't drink"

Reports continue with Tarkan's outbursts, this time at police on duty.There is more negative press concerning the last great star to come out of Turkey, as the reports continue with Tarkan's outbursts - this time at police on duty.

The singer's journey home was interrupted for a second time, when traffic police stopped the singer's vehicle to test for alcohol usage. In response to the customary stop-and-check, "My driver doesn't drink alcohol," Tarkan is quoted to have said.

Although the star's stance doesn't suggest an angry Tarkan, the press have framed the story in a way that claims the singer to have argued with the officers, with one report headlining it as the "moment Tarkan went crazy" (see pic above).

New Collaborations

While recent reports try to show Tarkan as a troubled star, other news in the press indicates that new collaborations may be in the works.

Writing for Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, reporter Kübilay Keskin in his gossip column claims he has heard from "a close source" that Tarkan and DJ Tiësto - who met recently in Istanbul - would be going into the studio to record something together.

UPDATE: Tiësto on Tarkan album re-issue >>

Keskin asserts the two stars had met on trips to Ibiza, New York and Los Angeles and that they were very good friends.

Tiësto had come to Istanbul this month as part of his Elements of Life tour.

Meanwhile, when newspaper reports published news that Tarkan and close friend and singer Sibel Can would not be appearing on stage together at a 5 star hotel, she is supposed to have said - although they wouldn't be singing together for now - she would be "singing a duet with him for his new album."

While rumours circulate about Tarkan's latest Turkish album being set for release next month, with many of its tracks believed to be in the style of his 1999 track "Bu Gece", news of this "duet" has come as a surprise to many as being "out of genre" for a Tarkan album.

A self-confessed Tarkan fan, the female singer had made a similar announcement for her 2007 album, when Tarkan had given her a song for the track list. Days before its release in the summer, video footage of the two stars working in the studio had been aired.

Some in the Turkish press had criticised the involvement, after it was realised that Tarkan's featuring on his composition was simply to provide backing vocals.

If a duet does materialise - while Wyclef of The Fugees fame was the first-ever featuring Tarkan recorded for his English album Come Closer - it will be Tarkan's first duet on one of his Turkish language albums. Some had thought Aksu might have sang a duet with Tarkan for his latest work.

The singer has featured in other artists' albums before, however, not limiting his input to a certain style.

He has previously sung duets with Turkish music classicist Müzeyyen Senar, folk singer Pınar Sağ and one time creative collaborator Nazan Öncel, while more recently featuring in his own songs with artists such as Kibariye and lending his backing vocals to his ex-backing singer Murat Boz and guitarist Ayhan Günyıl.

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