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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tarkan Out On His Own?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In Turkish newspaper Sabah's celebrity supplement Günaydın, İpek Durkal reports that Tarkan's new repertoire for his latest domestic album will now only consist of his own songs.

It had been previously reported by the Turkish paparazzi press that Tarkan's latest Turkish work would signal a resumption of creative collaboration between the music artist and his one time mentor, Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu. However, without quoting any sources, Durkal reported in an article published yesterday ("The Megastar will just sing his own songs this time", Nov 12) that Tarkan had changed his plans, deciding to go it alone for his latest Turkish language album.

Durkal claims that Tarkan - allegedly planning to release the album in the new year - is busy shuttling to and from his usual recording studios Sarı Ev and İmaj where the songs are being mixed. It is also suggested that Tarkan removed the Sezen Aksu song "Nezaket" from the current play list because it had been leaked to the celebrity press, and had now decided to only sing his own songs. Tarkan had revealed earlier that the Aksu track had been removed to rebut the release of information about it in the press. Initially expressing no reason as to why he had decided not to go with the song, on his return from a concert in Latvia he told TV reporters that it was because it did not fit the current concept of the album.

Tracking the Gossip

Once again working with Ozan Çolakoğlu on the musical arrangements - co-founder of Sarı Ev studios along with colleagues Özgür Buldum and Barış Büyük - Durkal suggests that there will be 11 songs on the album composed by Tarkan, and while speeding up the studio process, the famous singer is as yet undecided whether to add an English song as a 12th track.

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There have been various other rumours that have made it to the gossip columns and the forums about Tarkan's latest Turkish work, which had been expected to be released this summer. Most now agree on the beginning of 2008 for the release of his album for sale, although some have mentioned a track list of 20 or more songs.

Other reports have mentioned that Çolakoğlu too has waded into the controversy, explaining that the album was still in production, with a release date and track list still undecided.

In short, fans are waiting for an album that seems to be surrounded by mystery.

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