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Monday, October 08, 2007

Boxsta on Tarkan US Remix Album

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As fans in Turkey and aboard wait for Tarkan's new Turkish release, music producer Pete "Boxsta" Martin has published information about the US version of Tarkan's Universal/Urban licensed English album Come Closer on his personal site. Working extensively with Tarkan for the singer's English outing, Boxsta gave no indication as to a specific release date for the American take of the European release. However, a partial tracklist of songs for the new version has been given, with one new track announced.

The News section at his site provides the following: "Tarkan is about to release his U.S remix album featuring Wyclef and Miri Ben Ari. Pete remixed the entire album. The album was recorded in L.A at Westlake studio’s, NY at Sony music studio and London at The Matrix studio complex. Pete remixed the original version’s from his debut English album "Come Closer". There are 2 new tracks added in as well."

Contradicting this a little, Tarkan had announced three new songs - with one called "Nothing Like You" being a single contender in a radio interview with a Dutch radio station on the eve of his 2007 concert in Rotterdam. Now, at the Discography section of Boxsta's site, with the promise of more coming soon, the music producer has revealed the name of a second new track, "Who's Gonna Love You Now". However, he makes no mention of the song Tarkan spoke of earlier this year.

Writing that the album will comprise of featuring artists Wyclef, violinist Miri Ben Ari, rapper Malverde, and UK female singers Filly and Verbz, Boxsta provides an incomplete, tentative tracklist as being:

  1. Aman Aman (Featuring Wyclef and Filly)
  2. Bounce (Featuring Malverde and Filly)
  3. Who's Gonna Love You Now (Featuring Miri ben Ari)
  4. Just Like That
  5. Shh
  6. Come Closer
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Over

Boxsta had also blogged that Tarkan would be working with Snoop Dogg, but this page was removed from his site, after Tarkan revealed in an interview before his 2007 Macedonian concert that the featuring was not confirmed.

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