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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tarkan Enigma Continues

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

News has been printed today claiming that Tarkan's manager for domestic affairs Uygar Ataş (spelt as Ataç in the article) confirmed the TRT end-of-year concert, but rejected the amount published in yesterday's headlines.

Instead of the $1.5 million previously claimed, he clarified that Tarkan will be paid three quarters of a million dollars to sing six songs for the evening, "because TRT views this new year's event as very important we couldn't refuse their request," he said.

It is rumoured the concert will not be a live show, but recorded on the 25 December, to be aired on the last day of the year.

There are also plans for Tarkan to duet with Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu for the recorded end-of-year TV event.

Aksu Adds to Enigma

Reporters grabbed the chance to ask Aksu about the situation with Tarkan recently, when she was out the other night to make an appearance at the 18th birthday party of a friend's son - the owner of Most Production.

Arriving with her dog "Cano", the diva refused to clear up the confusion in regard to her relationship with Tarkan, leaving the press to print what few cryptic statements she did make. When asked a question about Tarkan,"Don't let anyone get you accustomed to abuse," she is quoted to have said by Turkish paper Sabah's celebrity supplement Günaydın.

Just exactly what Aksu meant is a mystery*.

Aksu alongside Mustafa Oğuz, the father of the evening's birthday boyPictured here as she is leaving the party, alongside Mustafa Oğuz, the father of the evening's birthday boy, she seemed in a good mood. Unusual for Turkey's most celebrated female song-writer, she stopped to speak to waiting reporters - which in turn stopped the traffic, wrote Turkish paper Hürriyet.

"This was just an ordinary evening, you're making too much out it," she is reported to have said. "Seeing you lot out in the cold makes me feel guilty."

When Tarkan's one-time mentor, and composer of the artist's signature tune "Şımarık", was once again asked about Tarkan as she was getting into her car, this time she ignored the question, cutting the impromptu chat short.

In reply to whether Aksu would verify that she wouldn't be collaborating with Tarkan for the latest album, all she reportedly said was, "Guys, I love and you and good night."

The Gossip Mill

The gossip mill continues to grind in the Turkish press about Tarkan and his latest Turkish album, with rumours circulating that the artist is in trouble. However, "news" published most recently is an obvious rehash of old gossip.

Low quality online magazine portal has released an unverified report that two of the singer's latest recordings have been "wiped" from an album that has suffered continuous setbacks.

Repeating gossip already circulated months before, the article claims that due to a technical computer error the tracks had been wiped out, and continuing the album's production in America, Tarkan would have to record the songs again.

As Tarkan is currently in Istanbul, busy in Turkish studios in the production of his latest Turkish album, it's obvious this latest piece of "news" is just old gossip being circulated again as negative press on what everyone believes to be the eve of the new album's release.

The only certainty is that time will eventually solve the enigma of Tarkan's latest songs.

* Update: TV footage shows that what Aksu was really saying was reporters shouldn't let their personal malice blind their journalism.

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