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Monday, December 10, 2007

New Tarkan Songs for the New Year

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan signs up for TRT's end-of-year showLatest reports in the Turkish press continue to clarify and change some of the details previously reported about Tarkan's scheduled appearance on Turkish state TV TRT's end-of-year show, which is being regarded as a vehicle for his new songs.

Turkish paper Star Gazete has printed that although Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu will be appearing in the December 31 event for the Turkish state TV channel, she will not be singing a duet with Tarkan as was claimed initially. This news seems to lend new meaning to Aksu's strange comments to the press when out at a birthday party a few night's ago and possibly confirms there has been another rift in their relationship - this time due to the Aksu song "Nezaket", which Tarkan removed from his album at the last minute.

It would also seem to back up the news reports that claim Tarkan's latest Turkish language album will consist of only his own songs, rather than other news stories that have cited previous female collaborators Aksu and Nazan Öncel as songwriters on the new album.

Sibel Replaces Sezen

However, Star Gazete goes on to reveal that Tarkan will be singing with a Turkish female artist for the year's last evening, and it will be with close friend Sibel Can.

Can had told reporters earlier that she was to sing a duet with Tarkan for his new album.

A self-confessed Tarkan fan, the singer made a similar announcement for her 2007 album, when Tarkan had given her a song for the track list. Days before its release in the summer, video footage of the two stars working in the studio had been aired.

Some in the Turkish press had criticised the involvement, after it was realised that Tarkan's featuring on his composition was simply to provide backing vocals.

Recorded Broadcast; Not Live

The article also confirmed what was previously published at Tarkan Deluxe, in that the show would not be broadcast live as first reported, but would be a recorded broadcast filmed one week before airing.

This means Tarkan should be in the studio on Christmas Day with Can and Aksu, although it is assumed that Tarkan and Aksu will not be taking the same stage.

This is seen as a big coup for the new head of the Turkish state TV, İbrahim Şahin, for managing to sign three of Turkey's most popular stars for its New Year celebrations. He was initially criticised for Tarkan's high fee, as it was first rumoured to be $1.5 million, but was later reported to be nearer half that amount.

Album to be released before or after?

Now the fan community is wondering whether the album will be released before or after the show (or before the recording of the show) with most deciding that logically it will before, so as to avoid any leaks and prevent an incident similar to the illegal pre-release distribution of his English songs.

If Tarkan does release his latest Turkish album on Christmas Eve, it will be the second time he has done so; his début album Yine Sensiz was released on 24 December exactly fifteen years ago - marking the artist's decade and half career in the Turkish music industry.

The 1992 album was Tarkan's musically weakest to date, with the lowest domestic sales of all his albums. Only his English release Come Closer sold less copies in Turkey.

Tarkan Declined, Rock Band Signed

And finally, in a story not completely unrelated to the TRT show, Turkish paper Sabah magazine supplement Günaydin has reported that rock band Mor ve Ötesi have agreed in principle to represent Turkey at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest.

The newspaper has published that TRT had considered a list of five musical acts, with Tarkan as first choice, for next year's entry in the song contest. When Tarkan had refused to take part in the contest, which was originally devised as a showcase for amateur acts, TRT took their offer elsewhere.

It is rumoured that Tarkan's acceptance to do the TRT's New Year show was to soften the blow of refusing what was seen as a chance to represent his country on the international stage.

Turkey had won the 48th song contest with Sertab Erener's contribution "Every Way That I Can", while coming forth the next year with ska punk band Athena's song "For Real". Tarkan's friend Kenan Doğulu had entered this year, coming fourth place, also.

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