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Friday, December 07, 2007

Tarkan's New Year Lottery

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan appears on the front page of GünaydinMaking Turkish paper Sabah supplement Günaydın's headlines this morning is the news that Tarkan fans were waiting for - the first signs that promotions for Tarkan's new Turkish album will start soon. However, it may not be as most would have expected from the former wild child of the Turkish pop industry.

It's being reported that Tarkan will be singing his new songs for the first time on state TV, appearing in a live end-of-year show for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). According to claims, TRT will be paying Tarkan a $1.5 million fee, while the state broadcasting company has also signed an agreement for the sum of half a million dollars with pop diva Sezen Aksu to duet with Tarkan on the night.

TRT logoThe article suggests that Tarkan wanted to appear on TRT, because he "gives great importance to the re-organised [broadcaster's] new year show."

Furthermore, he is allegedly in a rush to finish the songs for 25 December, although is finding it difficult to get the songs ready in time. So much so, that Tarkan had tried to defer his appearance, but having already accepted an advance payment from TRT, could not come to an agreement for a postponement.

If the report of a Tarkan appearance on Turkey's state channel is true, then fans should make ready their media recorders, however TRT's official site has yet to confirm the news.

TRT was founded in 1964, and is the national public broadcaster of Turkey. Around 70% of TRT's funding comes from a tax levied on electricity bills and a sales tax on television and radio receivers.

Rocker Tarkan?

Meanwhile, before Sabah had printed news of an end-of-year TRT Tarkan concert to kick-start his Turkish album this month, two days ago one newspaper was claiming that the album was in fact more than six months away from a release date.

Takvim correspondent Nilüfer Bayrı tried to confuse readers by writing Tarkan's album would be released in the summer of 2008, and that the artist was swapping genres once again - this time to do a purely rock album.

This is the second report that contradicts recent sources which claim the artist's new Turkish album will hold only his own songs, as it mentions an Aksu collaboration again, opening up the possibility there might be a confusion with Tarkan's re-release of "Come Closer". That album includes the Aksu track "Shikidim".

Even though this story has been picked up by other media channels, it reads like a "spoof" news article. It claims, strangely, that Tarkan was taking singing lessons in America to be able to sing rock music, and that he has never sung a rock song before.

The reporter has obviously forgotten Tarkan's "Biz Nereye" track on his second album, 1994's smash hit A-acayipsin.

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