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Monday, December 31, 2007

Tarkan on TRT Evening News

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany
Translations of TRT News Bulletins by Ali Yıldırım

TRT LogoHours before Tarkan's pre-recorded end-of-year show is aired by Turkish state television station TRT, the artist has appeared live on TRT's main news broadcast. Before the famous singer's first-ever live interview on a TV news bulletin, a public statement was read out regarding the media frenzy about Tarkan's fee for this evening's performance. During the news interview Tarkan rebutted these claims, and also revealed his partnership with a nature preservation society to help raise awareness of the environment.

A Public Statement from TRT: "Tarkan" news stories appearing in the media are not true

A public statement released by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation stated that the alleged claims made in regard to the subject of Tarkan's fee are not trueSigning up Tarkan for TRT's new year celebrations has captured the interest of the whole media.

In regards to TRT's important success however, instead of involving the details of this show, sadly attempts have been made to drag the story down to how much the very famous artist was paid.

It has been stated in a public statement released by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation that the alleged claims made in regard to the subject of Tarkan's fee are not true.

In the public statement, it was expressed that: Since the beginning of December until now, a lot of unfounded accusations made the headlines about the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

Signing up Tarkan for TRT's new year celebrations has captured the interest of the whole mediaAlmost every day headlines such as "TRT is going to pay Tarkan a fortune" were churned out. While some claims put the fee paid to the famous artist as high as $1.5 million, the amount slowly decreased, finally coming down to $750,000.

When in fact the fee paid to Tarkan, completely unconnected to the thousands of dollars freely spoken about, isn't even one tenth of the suggested amounts. Furthermore, the fee was covered by sponsors.

Following all these speculations with disappointment, TRT decided to expend its energy doing its real job of broadcasting, rather than waste it responding to unfounded allegations.

After days of filming and meticulous work, putting it's name to another great project again, TRT has turned the New Year into a real celebration, preparing an unforgettable New Year's line-up for the public, and has become the only screen to watch this evening.

Never deviating from serving the public since its establishment, TRT has shown its difference once more, and has put a large share of profits into its coffers before the show has even been broadcast.

TRT has never shied away from criticism. However, in every news reported, holding the truth as a fundamental principle is something that should be known by the whole media. It's a pity that in regards to news about Tarkan some media groups have not followed this basic principle of truth, and false reports have been made.

TRT, in the face of this, in the name of "modern public broadcasting service" and to take steps to move the broadcasting institutions forward, is of the view that taking on a supportive attitude founded on constructive criticism will be a more worthy service for the public good.

Turkey Tunes in to TRT and Tarkan

Tarkan appeared live on TRT's final evening news slot of the year

Before Tarkan's pre-recorded performance is to air on TRT during the final half hour of 2007, in another first in his career, Tarkan appeared live on the state broadcaster's final evening news slot of the year.

Clearly nervous, the star spoke to TRT about the current news and speculation surrounding his TRT end-of-year show.

Tarkan on TRT's evening news broadcast"TRT holds a special place in our hearts, it is our first TV station, and that's why we always have the utmost respect for TRT. That's why I happily and readily agreed to the new year's show. Being here is really nerve-racking, too. It's the first time I'm a guest on a main news broadcast," he said.

In response to the speculations in the press, Tarkan had this to say: "I was angry at first but then I didn't care, because they're always at it, but I was upset for TRT because the amounts were exaggerated a lot. There's nothing like this, no way."

Tarkan, in expressing his wishes for 2008 and beyond, expressed, "I want peace and stability for my country. I want our people to become richer, and be better off. I want there to be huge developments in the name of democracy. I want us to be a more civilised country."

And about his new album Metamorfoz, "There will be concerts alongside the album. There will be some projects in 2008 with Doğa Derneği (a Turkish ecological preservation society), too. Because Turkey is suffering from water shortages," he said.

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