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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Watch Out 2008! Here We Come!

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan on TRT's New Year ShowThe Turkish New Year was celebrated with Tarkan this year, as the country's top international music artist hit the stage, to see 2007 out and 2008 in, on state broadcaster TRT's New Year show.

"Watch out 2008. Here we come!" Tarkan shouted, as together with hundreds of fans, they counted down the final seconds of the old year.

Starting at 23:20 (11.20 pm) local Turkish time, the singer's eagerly anticipated performance was aired as a mini-concert in which he sang six songs from his Metamorfoz album. During the actual recording he had sung more songs, and a few of his classics, but the final track list that was aired consisted of "Vay Anam Vay", "Hop Hop" "İstanbul Ağlıyor", "Arada Bir", "Dilli Düdük" and "Dedikodu", lasting approximately 30 minutes.

The song broadcast in the first few moments of 2008 was "Dilli Düdük", which is being seen as a firm favourite by fans, after the opening track "Vay Anam Vay".

In recent times, Tarkan's appearance on Turkish TV has become a rare event, so his show was a ratings winner. Even though many other artists in his domestic industry hit the TV screens that evening on competing private stations - including friends Sibel Can and Kenan Doğulu - only Tarkan's show made it into the top ten most watched shows of the evening.

TRT hasn't been a ratings winner for a long time, but Tarkan brought success. The star's performance managed to get into the top three shows watched by viewers in the "EU category" (so-named for those viewers of a higher educational status), while his show was the seventh most watched event as a whole.

His show was divided into three parts, with "Vay Anam Vay" repeated in the final instalment. It's reported that revenue generated by commercials and sponsors for the evening surpassed $1 million.

Tarkan Metamorfoz 2008 was repeated on TRT1 as a complete, separate show the following evening, on 1 January at 21:10 (9.10 pm) local time, for those that might have missed it on New Year's Eve.

Those who could not watch the concert can find clips on YouTube.

It was a pre-recorded event, which Tarkan had filmed during recordings last Friday and Sunday. Recordings took place twice because of the unrest that had surrounded the Friday shoot.

Tarkan on the News

Before the start of TRT's New Year extravaganza, which began after eight in the evening local time, for the first time in his career Tarkan appeared live on a news broadcast hours before his pre-recorded show was to air to promote his slot.

The 31 December news broadcast initially ran a story rebutting all the headlines that the Turkish press has been throwing out to the run-up to the show, in which it was claimed $1.5 million of TRT's money (funded by the taxpayer) was the fee the state broadcaster had paid for Tarkan's New Year appearance. It was explained that Tarkan had not even been paid "one tenth" of the ludicrous amounts claimed in other areas of the press, and that the singer's fee had been covered not by TRT, but by private sponsors.

TRT also defended its silence over the issue until now, by stating they saw their role as getting on with the job of quality broadcasting, and not responding to celebrity gossip.

While in the live interview, along with news of music videos and tours, Tarkan revealed a new project for 2008 - to do with the environment.

You can read the TRT news bulletins in detail and translated into English here.

The Nature of Tarkan

In the report, which private news channel NTV also published today, Tarkan revealed that he had agreed to a "strategic partnership" with Doğa Derneği, a Turkish ecological preservation society.

It is planned that he will become the face and ambassador of the Society, and has already hosted their logo on his 2007 album, while the concept of the album art hosts a variety of "warning" scenes to do with the current environment. A detailed press conference has been scheduled for the end of January.

Tarkan Deluxe had previously reported that Tarkan had written a track about environmental issues, and that his 2007 album might have an ecological slant, as the artist's concerns over the current climate issue is well documented.

However, no such track was present on the release of the album. This news now suggests the possibility Tarkan held on to the song to use to promote the movement.

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