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Friday, January 18, 2008

Tarkan News Bulletins

Tarkan Deluxe presents a digest of recent news stories about Tarkan in the domestic press, including news about an appearance at a Turkish culture fare in Russia and Tarkan's metamorphosis into a cool, hard man.

Turkish Cultural Events in Russia

Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism: 2008 is the Year of Turkish Culture in RussiaState broadcaster TRT's news bulletin reports that under the auspices of "The Year of Turkish Culture" in Russia, Tarkan will be taking the stage in St. Petersburg on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to promote Turkey.

With a myriad of Turkish cultural events across Russia planned to start on 8 April 2008, a specific date has not yet been set for Tarkan's appearance, although it is reported some Russian sources suggest that the artist make an appearance on 27 May to coincide with other celebrations in the historical city.

Tarkan had planned to give a concert in St. Petersburg in June 2006, but had to postpone.

This is not the singer's first invitation by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Most notably, Tarkan had made an appearance at the Russian capital Moscow in 2004, this time as part of the festival Days of Turkish Culture.

Tarkan is "one heavy dude"

Tarkan's latest look in his 2008 calendarTurkish paper Hürriyet's magazine correspondent Sema Denker has commented on Tarkan's latest look in his 2008 calendar, noting that Tarkan has styled himself in classic manly designs.

"Tarkan's going to create a buzz with his "heavy dude" poses for his new calendar," Denker writes.

The article states that garnering great success in a short time with Metamorfoz released only last month, Tarkan's 2008 calendar printed under a D&R label is currently for sale in its stores, with limited stocks.

Appearing in a variety of different cut suits as seen through the lens of photographer Tamer Yılmaz, the photographs are presented with artwork specially created for the calendar. The photographs can be viewed at Tarkan Deluxe's sister photoblog Tarkan Visual.

Denker quotes sources as revealing that Tarkan will be taking to the stage with his new "suit-look", and that his calendar pose in a white fabric design has had many commenting that the singer looks like a "heavy dude".

The "Bruce Lee" Influence

Bruce Lee as worn by TarkanDenker's article continues with the influence for Tarkan's new dance moves, as showcased in his music video "Vay Anam Vay".

Taking the athletic moves of the late legendary martial arts expert Bruce Lee as inspiration, Tarkan has moved away from the oriental belly-dancing of his Karma period to go further East for his latest dance moves.

While Denker's article claims that Tarkan studied iconic Lee's films such as "Game of Death" and "Enter the Dragon", Özlem Uçar for Turkish paper Akşam quotes Tarkan directly, although fails to give a source.

Tarkan is seen sporting the late Lee on a T-shirt he wears in the Vay video"I love watching Bruce Lee films. He's my childhood hero. That's why I wore a picture of my hero on my T-shirt. I've got loads of Bruce Lee T-shirts in my wardrobe anyway," the singer is quoted to have said.

Tarkan is seen sporting the late Lee on a T-shirt he wears in the "Vay" video (see left pic).

Bruce Lee was an American-born martial artist, philosopher, instructor, martial arts actor and the founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts system, widely regarded as the most influential martial artist of the 20th century and a cultural icon. Still Down

Finally, Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS informs its readers that after getting in touch with Tarkan's production company HITT, it has confirmed Tarkan Deluxe's recent news story about the sudden collapse of Tarkan's official site.

Unable to handle the surge in demand after the release of the "Vay" video on its pages, the service provider had shut down due to excessive resource usage.

It seems that things should be up and running at next week, though it is uncertain why Tarkan's team didn't purchase a temporary domain, or use one already such as in the meantime.

The domain had originally been used for the Turkish language version of the artist's site at Universal Music.

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