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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tarkan Reveals Himself

Tarkan's first interview of 2008 has been published in the January edition of state broadcaster TRT's monthly private publication. For its readers, Tarkan Deluxe has translated selected newspaper coverage of this magazine report below.

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The artist had previously performed a mini-concert for the Turkish TV station that had been broadcast during the year's end celebrations.

A Star's Journal
Summary of the TRT Magazine report as reported by Star Gazete [16 January 2008]
by Nevin Bilgin/Translation by Ali Yıldırım

Appearing on TRT for the New Year, Tarkan also chose TRT Magazine for his first report of the year. The Megastar* gave intimate responses on subjects ranging from music, food and travel.

Putting aside the arguments whether his new album Metamorfoz is good or not, the famous singer is very happy with his lot. Responding to critics that his album will be appreciated more over time, the Megastar gave his first report of 2008 to TRT's magazine, which he considers his lucky charm. In the report, Tarkan talks about everything, from his taste in music to even things about his day-to-day life.


In response to the question where he likes to travel the most, the Megastar replied, "I like tropical places. Rainforests, islands. It's to do with the intimacy, the welcoming feel of these places. But I like Europe, too. Big cities as well. I love the world." Describing himself as "driven and hard-working", "If I want something I go after it, and I don't let go until I succeed, but of course if it's realistically meant to be," the famous singer is reported to have said.


Involving himself with art and the cinema, the famous singer also revealed that he sometimes takes walks in Istanbul's Belgrad Forest. Amongst his favourite artists, while listening to every branch of music, Tarkan counted U2, Madonna, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Sezen Aksu, Michael Jackson and Eminem. Expressing that he loved to cook, he also stated that the food he could never refuse was pasta.

* Megastar is a foreign-derived Turkish term that symbolises a higher status than that of superstar. The press usually capitalise it when mentioning Tarkan, because it had become synonymous with the artist, a title adopted by fans and the media alike. During 2006/07 however, the celebrity press had begun to drop using this title, due to the escalating PR crisis between the media and the music star.

Tarkan Reveals His "Mosts"
Extract from the TRT Magazine report as re-printed by Hürriyet [16 January 2008]
Translation by Ali Yıldırım

Tarkan Reveals His Mosts

Tarkan likes to holiday at tropical places, while the food he loves the most is pasta.

- Which places do you most like to go on holiday?
- I like tropical places. Rainforests, islands. It's to do with the intimacy, the welcoming feel of these places. But I like Europe, too. Big cities as well. I love the world.

- What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?
- I am driven and hard-working. If I want something I go after it, and I don't let go until I succeed. I believe this a good side to me, my strengths. I always want to be better. But in pursuance of this from time to time I can really be very impatient, bad-tempered, negative and closed-off. And these are my weak points I guess.

- How do you like to spend your time outside of music?
- Music is my life. I try to stop myself from thinking about music all the time, I like to read. I paint from time to time. I enjoy spending time out with friends, too. Sport, specially running, I also count amongst things I can't do without.

- Where do you like to specially go in Istanbul?
- I like to do a tour of the Bosphorus by boat. There are some cafés and restaurants I go to. Sometimes I go for walks in Belgrad Forest. I like to go to the movies, drive around Istanbul in my car at night.

- What type of music to do listen to?
- I listen to everything. Classical music, pop, rock, hip hop, ethnic, folk. I can count U2, Madonna, Cold Play, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Sezen Aksu, Michael Jackson, and Eminem amongst the artists and groups I like.


- Do you like to cook?
- My favourite food is pasta. I love to cook, too.

- Which success in your life is the most important to you?
- Every success is my life holds a separate place in my heart for me. What's important to me is to work hard and trust my instincts.

- Does success or failure spur you on?
- Both. Instead of wasting time boasting about my successes, they've always pushed me on to better myself and proceed on to new successes. And while learning from my failures, finding out where I went wrong, I try not to repeat them and make up for them with new successes.

- How do you guard your soul from the madding crowd?
- Taking a deep, deep breath and trying not to reflect on it.

- What do you think is the secret to being content?
- To me it's knowing and understanding yourself. And being patient and steady during this process.

- So what do you trust about yourself the most?
- My instincts.

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