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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tarkan's TRT Repeat Dazzles

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS gave the word yesterday that Turkish state broadcaster TRT would be airing Tarkan's end-of-year performance again last night due to public demand.

Starting at 22.25 (10.25 p.m.) local time on Saturday, it was a 50-minute special extended broadcast with previously unaired songs Tarkan sung during the December recording shown yesterday evening, including live performances and the artist chatting with the audience. In response to one question, Tarkan indicated that a DVD release of his live performances and music videos was long overdue.

TarkanPLUS has described it as worthy of DVD release, and along with a scheduled MTV Türkiye show and a concert in London's Wembley Arena, it seems that Tarkan is building up some quality archives that fans would dearly love to own, too.

Tarkan still number one

Powerclub sales listMeanwhile, the Turkish media blog is continuing to follow Tarkan's music sales in the domestic market.

In digital music downloads, Tarkan has topped PowerTürk's music shop Power Club sales list for song and album, while being the second highest selling artist at the music platform, after Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu.

For most downloaded songs, Tarkan appears in top position (with his slow love ballad "Istanbul Ağlıyor") and fifth place with "Dilli Düdük".

It is ironic that Power Club is the digital downloads platform of music station PowerTürk; the broadcaster had initially boycotted Tarkan, going so far as to remove its public voting procedure to privately influence Tarkan's position in its top 40 radio airplay charts. However, their music sales reflect the true story.

The numbers of sales and interest do not seem to reflect the voting procedure at Tarkan's offical site, either, where a few fans are complaining that a minority preferring "Dedikodu" are unfairly influencing the final result in favour of that track, when many believe Tarkan should have filmed a video for slow track, "Istanbul Ağlıyor".

Tarkan had opened a music poll at inviting fans to vote for their choice of song to be filmed as the second music video from Metamorfoz.

The interim results show "Dedikodu" with a narrow lead over "Dilli Düdük", while "Istanbul Ağliyor" is in a distant third place.

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