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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


T in Texas, USA, writes:

I've got my tickets [to Tarkan's Wembley Arena concert in London, England]!! Best ever valentines my hubby is even paying for me to go business class. As for other things TARKAN'S face will be in an art exhibit at my oldest son's school in April. He was given the challenge to draw faces at a different angle as an end of year project. Well my fave pic of Tarkan is the June pic on the calendar so he drew it for me for valentines... I am surrounded by lovely guys ain't I?! And will now put it in to the art exibit, along with 2 other beautiful pieces. The picture is awesome - in pencil.


L.M. from Huntingdon, England, writes:

When I read on your blog that someone had used some of your poetry for their marriage vows, I thought I would be very cheeky and ask you to write something for me and my husband to read to each other at for our wedding party speeches. We couldn't afford a celebration when we got married so we had to wait a long time for this. I never thought for one second you would reply back, or send me anything, but I absolutely loved "Moment of Knowing" and "Love Will Be" that you wrote for us.

It almost made my hairs stand on end how perfect they are like you know me and hubby. They will be the icing on our cake! Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know, I've got the DJ at our wedding bash to play my fav Tarkan songs, especially the kissing one and "Bu Gece"!


Dora from South Africa, writes:

I loved your valentine's poems. They were like a gift to me! Thanks!


S.B. in Germany writes:

I finally got [Tarkan's Metamorfoz] CD the Friday after its official Feb 1 release here in Germany. I haven't stopped listening to it. I mean I have not even stopped listening to even change to another Tarkan CD!! ... Metamorfoz may just turn out to be my favorite CD. I think it will just definitely have to join Karma and Olurum Sana. I do think though if I could vote again for the new video I would probably have to change my vote from "Dilli Duduk" to "Pare Pare". I so like the way he sings that...the words...the music. It really is a beautiful song. And "Istanbul Agliyor" is just another absolute beautiful song and music. Whether real or imagined, I hear and feel his heartbreak as he sings this song. Maybe I am just a soft touch for ballads.

I really don't know or understand what they (meaning the press and music critics) want from Tarkan. I read everything you post but on the last couple of critics that have presented opinions...well's absolutely the same repetitive thoughts of "well Tarkan is good but just not quite good enough". It seems half say "well these songs are certainly not Simarik" while others say "his music has not changed at all". It seems he can't win!! How can one continue to dismiss the CD sales and the fans? It would seem they would grab Tarkan and work with him to put Turkey on the map (so to speak). It's baffling not just the lack of support but the sometimes outright viciousness. I also really think he has allowed us a peek at Tarkan the man (rather than Tarkan the star/singer) with the songs on this CD. How much more can be asked for?

Doesn't it grab anyone's attention that those that can not speak/understand Turkish listen to his music? It seems that would mean there is something very special there. I know when I first started listening to him I listened for the music. I didn't know what the words meant. ... I had worked my way thru [other Turkish male singers] Celik, Teoman, Mustafa. But, there was something different and I know it was the music and his voice that made me decide "I have to get all of his CDs". ... He has so many really great songs but "Verme" [Karma] and "Unutmamali" [A-acayipsin] have got to be two of his best ever. I laugh at remembering this but...I used to just drive my daughter absolutely crazy playing "Gulumse Kaderine" [Dudu] over and over. We took a week and drove all over Turkey listening to that song pretty much all the way (or at least she feels we listened to it the entire trip!!)

I do have to say that I did buy his English CD but I just did not want to hear him sing/speak English. Turkish is a really beautiful language with the sounds and phrases and English??....well ...not so much. ... So even thou I may not always know what he is singing, I can appreciate the language and the music.

Now, will I miss the long hair Tarkan? Absolutely positively. Will I miss his tummy shimmy dancing? Without a doubt. And will I miss the red shirts? Yes of course. [And if I get] the opportunity to see him in concert I [want] to be "close enough to see him sweat". So I will wait and see where his concert schedule takes him.

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