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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Fire of Creative Diversity

Karen from Oklahoma, USA, writes:

Ali, I have finally woken from my slumber and the world is a beautiful place waiting for me to explore. Within the last year, my life has completely changed and I am unrecognizable to people who have known me for years. I have awoken. One of the most wonderful changes is that I started Belly Dancing over the course of the last year. I have fallen deeply and passionately in love with this Dance and the beauty of the culture that surrounds it. (I would like to know more about this culture) I find it brings me in complete connection with my soul, the part of me I never allowed to grow. Until now..... Which brings me to you.

Through this beautiful Middle Eastern Dance I have been introduced to some music that connects me even deeper to my soul and the expression of freedom. Just within the last week I was introduced to Tarkan. His music is truly amazing. I have always loved music, but something about the way his soul speaks in his songs, dance and language mesmerizes me. Since I don't know how to translate his music your web site has been a jewel and it has helped me bridge a gap between cultures. I would at some point love to learn another language, but for now I can obtain the translations from you.

Even though I am a continent away from you I wanted to thank you for setting up this site. I also think that your web site is a wonderful place for people to learn more about one another and the differences of cultures. Arrogance and ignorance are what keep us from one another and breed hate for the unknown. I really like the way you have set up your site to touch on some of these things through your poetry. I very much enjoyed reading all of your quotes, but one of my favorites is "Don't Quote Love".

You have an amazing gift, keep writing. I look forward to reading more. My husband is also a writer so I have a great appreciation for the art.

Thank you so very much for your kind words. You are the inspiration.


T in Texas, USA, writes:

On the good side I got my official Tarkan calendar and as I expected each month is better than the last.. On the other hand I read your blog about the devine Mr T removing videos from YouTube. How sad... it is the only way some fans get to see him. I remember you saying before that on previous sites he had all his videos he had made available for fans to watch and download. I have most of them myself. From what I can see the videos that used to be on YouTube were actually copies of these same videos. People on YouTube don't profit from showing the videos they just share them with other fans, videos cannot be downloaded from YouTube so I really cannot see what his problem is. The videos that people put on from their concert experiences may be a different thing but these videos are usually shot from a cellphone and are of very poor quality and are put on by fans just wanting to share their experience, I think it is all very sad.

Maybe he should make a compilation DVD of his previous and current videos. I know many of us would buy a copy or even video a concert as many stars do these days. I have also ordered a copy of the German release [Metamorfoz] as it has a copy of the Vay Aman Vay video on it. I wish Tarkan would do more for us fans. Will his next step be to remove all his photos from the net?????? Well enough moaning away to go a ogle my calendar!!!! Can't wait until June and July.. yum yum... :)

Firstly, T, I have to applaud you for your support of Tarkan. You reside in America, yet you manage to legally obtain Tarkan's CDs and promotional stuff and have made a constant effort not to fall into the arena of piracy simply because it is easier to obtain than official products. Tarkan most certainly does need to do more to reward fans like you.

About the issue of YouTube, there is a successful third option. One idea could be an official Tarkan account at YouTube - as the British Royal family have - where he could share his video collection with fans, or some other social networking site. It is worth looking into, isn't it?


Margaret from Poland, writes:

I think it is important to know opinions of other people even if we don't agree with them. Differences can be inspiring. I'm on culture studies at university so it amazes me how different people from different backgrounds understand same things in various ways. Yet in the era of globalization language diversity is a really beautiful thing. Even if it causes a clash here and there. Just one of the curiosities of the world.

I understand very well about the diversity of which you write. Diversity is beautiful. If the world is a garden, how dull it would be if it were all one colour. With more mash of cultures there would be less clash of cultures, and yet with an appreciative yearning to learn from each other's diversity, we would also come to realise how similar we are in certain ways, too.

Closed minds are dangerous. I try to keep mine open. I appreciate it when readers want to show me a different point of view. Discussions that bring out differing opinions are great, because civilised discussion helps us to learn and grow, and I would be a fool to reject anything that makes me better myself. But there must be a level of respect, with a view to learn and not to impose your belief on another, that frames any discussion with opposing views.

My work with Tarkan translations, including this blog, puts me in a position where I deal with people from different cultures almost every day, and sometimes problems in communication can arise when English is not the reader's first language.

It is also something I take into consideration when translating Tarkan's songs into English, in that I try to make the English words I use easily understandable to multilingual people, too. I don't sacrifice a faithful interpretation for sake of clarity, I try to make sure a faithful interpretation has clarity. However, there are also times when the most correct interpretation is a British saying or expression that might be obscure to some readers. If this can be cleared up from a reading of the song as a whole, or after they've read the accompanying notes, then this also becomes a learning experience - in English and Turkish.

Diversity, if we embrace it without fear, is the greatest learning experience we can have.


Art&Life in Istanbul, Turkey invites:

Art&Life Flyer

British artist Ned Pamphilon's ten years in Turkey is coming to an end, and he is returning home after painting Istanbul with his own special colours. In a grand finale, there will be an exhibition of Ned's work at the Turkish cultural capital's art&Life gallery. Ned has contributed articles to Tarkan Deluxe, and at the blog we believe that Istanbul will be a little less without him.

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