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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reporting with Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Reporters from Turkey have recently been emailing Tarkan Deluxe to share 2008 news articles about Tarkan we might have missed, with requests they be translated by Ali Yildirim in order for them to reach a wider audience.

Tarkan Deluxe has selected two short articles from the many sent to us to share with Tarkan fans from across the globe, which includes the February 7 short interview Tarkan gave to Milliyet's supplement for young people Gencim as previously reported.

Sema Denker's Phone Call From Tarkan

In an article dated January 7, 2008, for Turkish e-zine Eletrikli Posta, female celebrity columnist Sema Denker, amongst other celebrity stories, includes a phone call from Tarkan.

There's a phone call from Tarkan...

Sema DenkerTarkan released an album, it became a major event. Tarkan appeared on TRT it caused a stir; due to a technical error their was a synchronization slip-up, Tarkan was blamed.

As a result of it all I've realised once again that Tarkan is this country's great star... The only star... While talking about these issues [on the phone] with his manager Uygar Ataş the other day, suddenly he says, "Tarkan wants to say hi to you"... I've known Tarkan since the first years. We've come together many times, I've interviewed him and followed many of his international concerts. (At that time I was working together with Kenan Erçetingöz on the Magazine Forever entertainment programme. And I was following all Tarkan's domestic and international concerts. They were the best days of entertainment, and entertainment programming...) They were enjoyable, fun tours... Especially one trip around a Berlin shopping center with Tarkan, it was exceptional. I still laugh every time it comes to mind...

Anyway as soon as Tarkan takes the phone and says, "Dear Sema! How are you?" I realised he hadn't changed at all... The same Tarkan... Warm, sincere, lovable. We're just seeing him the way we want to, that's all. We chatted for some time on the phone. I told him how I'd remembered the Berlin concert... We both laughed...

And he said to me, "Don't worry Sema I'm going to give great concerts again. I've really missed giving concerts. I'm going to take you on these tours, too." Then he asked me if I liked the album and the songs, and which songs I liked... I told him. He just wants one thing; not to sell a lot or to break records, but just to have the songs he calls his "babies" to be loved, to be liked. Like every other artist he is happy, gets energized when he hears words of praise.

Of course he is open to criticism but he believes that he doesn't deserve them to the extent he has been criticised. Naturally he gets hurt, upset, and offended. He says that why he's distanced himself from the media. After talking for a long time about it, Tarkan ended the call by saying: "I'm open to all criticism. I've got used to it now...

"I'm looking straight ahead, to the path I'm on. I used to really be bothered about the things that were said about me, but now I've learnt not to care..."

Tarkan's Anti-Smoking Message

Prepared by university students, Turkish paper Milliyet's award-winning youth supplement Gencim's report with Tarkan was prepared by young adults from Maltepe University and recorded by student Cüneyt Diktaş who met up with the star at the January Kanyon D&R signing day in Istanbul.

In it Tarkan reveals that he used to smoke in his twenties, but realising it lowered the quality of life, he gave it up and advises students to do the same.

A Tarkan Deluxe reader had recently asked whether Tarkan smoked or not, with Ali Yildirim referencing a May 2007 TV report where Tarkan voices his anti-smoking stance.

Tarkan is Against Smoking Too...

Tarkan's report in February issue of Turkish paper Milliyet's youth supplement Gencim

[Front page] "I say no to smoking": Answering our questions at the first signing day for Metamorfoz, Tarkan gave important messages to Milliyet Gencim readers in regard to [this year's] "World No Smoking Day". Explaining that he was lured to smoking at a relatively young age, starting to smoke in his early twenties, Tarkan revealed he stopped smoking when he realised it was affecting his health and quality of life. Moreover Tarkan expressed that the negative effects of cigarette smoking in the short term had to be taken seriously, as well.

[Page 7] TARKAN IS AGAINST SMOKING TOO...: Milliyet Gencim brings Tarkan together with his fans. With a speedy entry into the charts with his METAMORFOZ album, Tarkan has a message for his admirers.

About the criticism about his new album, Tarkan said, "There will be those that like it and those that won't, I'm not saying that everyone should love it, but I also think that we shouldn't criticise it so much without listening to it first." He went on to add, "This type of criticism hurts me and my fans; those that write such things shouldn't overlook this in my opinion; they really are just criticising what they can't do."

Tarkan, in connection with [this year's] "World No Smoking Day", explained how he had smoked for a while in his early twenties. Realising the attraction at that early age, he explained how he stopped smoking after being quick to realise the negative effects on his health and quality of life.

Describing cigarettes as one of the most hardest to quit addictions, Tarkan continued:

"It's not impossible if you really want to stop. Those that really want to stop smoking can, I'm one of those that managed to do this and I know a lot of other people that have quit, too. Plus, when smokers are found in places where there are non-smokers, it's really unfair to them. We have to find ways to free ourselves and others from these bad habits."

Sensitive on the subject of smoking, Tarkan also had this advice to give to those unable to give up smoking: "Those that can't give up should smoke as less as they can, should try to eat well, drink plenty of water, take up sports, go for walks in clean open air. Instead of thinking how it will affect our health in the long term, it's necessary to think on how it affects the quality of our lifestyle today. I'm one of those that say NO to smoking."

Tarkan Tops the Majors

Tarkan top of most of the major radio play charts

And finally, at time of writing, Tarkan is at the number one slot with his 2007 tracks at over fourteen different major Turkish radio and TV station play charts, including Kral, Number 1, Super FM, Best FM, Radyo D, Kupe FM, Radyo Vatan, Show Radyo, Michael's Top 10, Istanbul FM and Olay FM.

The artist's romantic song "Istanbul Ağlıyor" is also a public favourite, and has hit the top slot for airplay on a Turkish radio broadcast that majors in slow songs, station Slow Turk and Joy Turk.

In addition, the artist is in the top ten at other nationwide stations, also having hit number one at some time on these lists since the 2007 release of Metamorfoz, such as Mydonose Turk and Dream.

Tarkan is one of the few artists in Turkey that unifies the diverse radio chart lists (which is different from the sales charts) to usually make the number one spot on the major radio stations' airplay lists.

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