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Monday, February 25, 2008

By Public Demand

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Alongside news of discussions for Tarkan to take the international stage for global initiative World Peace One in Istanbul, an international media channel has emailed Tarkan Deluxe with information of another global platform that is set to take stage in Turkey's cultural capital.

Known as the "Turkish German Mainstream" Brain (TGM Brain), the communication arm of MediaJuice Media Group Europe (MMGE) has revealed that their music section TGM Music is planning to bring German TV station's popular music show "The Dome" to Istanbul in 2008.

The Dome logoWith ambitious aims to host a show that boasts 8 million faithful followers in the ancient city, there are also talks for Tarkan to attend the show and the after party show. Discussions began in November last year, and are continuing. At time of writing there are no definite dates for the music extravaganza.

Tarkan had appeared on Germany's The Dome in March 2006 to promote his first English language single "Bounce".

MMGE is a project developing and consulting company for the media economy. The company, bridging stronger cultural and economical ties between Germany and Turkey, is situated in Munich. New offices are currently opening in Istanbul.

In addition to Tarkan's scheduled appearances for an interview at MTV Türkiye's studios and his first public concert since the release of Metamorfoz at the Wembley Arena in London, England, chances for Tarkan's international exposure to widen are gaining momentum.

Tarkan's TRT Saturday Outing

Tarkan Deluxe has received a high volume of emails by fans complaining that because the blog did not report the news of Tarkan's last Saturday TRT repeat performance ahead of time, most in the fan community found out too late to record the show for their personal archives.

The special repeat performance aired by the Turkish state broadcaster's number one channel had extra footage, including live performances and more songs from the December recording.

Fans are suggested to email TRT, requesting for a repeat performance of the show.

Turkish Journalist Doesn't Understand Google

Meanwhile, for Turkish paper Milliyet, journalist Can Dündar has discussed the recent news report about Gracenote's world database listing Tarkan's Metamorfoz the current number one top album in Turkey. In comparison, he checks the site statistics of his personal site to see which of the artists he has written about has caught the most hits. His numbers reportedly reveal that a Turkish/German actress with a porn past has earned the most interest with 200,000 hits, while Tarkan has only 20,000 in comparison.

Conceding that his own personal site stats are not an indicator of general trends, the journalist also expresses he lacks a technical knowledge about the Google database, which brings most of his visitors to his site via their search engine.

While searching for other Turkish artists might show Dündar's relevant pages high up in a search due to the fact there are not many sites about them archived at Google, Dündar's articles on Tarkan have to compete with the million or so other pages archived under the artist's name for searchers to find his pages. A true indication of Tarkan's popularity can be assessed at Google Trends.

Dündar had written a popular article about Tarkan that included an interview with the pop icon in 2003 during the Ankara leg of his OPET sponsored concert. He had also written lyrics to a song that Tarkan was preparing in 2001, but the music artist changed his mind about releasing the collaboration.

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