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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skating on Success

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Song Poll at Tarkancom

Tarkan's official site has seemingly gathered in the results of the music poll for the second music video to Metamorfoz, and published "Dilli Düdük" the winner, even though "Dedikodu" won a slim majority of the votes by 2%.

At time of writing, when visitors enter the poll at - whatever vote is cast - the results show "Dilli Düdük" as the winner.

Tarkan Deluxe had previously reported about complaints that a small section of the the fan community were unfairly influencing the vote in favour of "Dedikodu".

Furthermore, in regard to Tarkan's music videos online, after a removal sweep of most of the artist's videos with hits amassing millions from YouTube, there is a new site where fans can watch Tarkan's videos and know that the singer and crew are being paid for their performance rights.

The site hitklip is a relatively new legal video archive that pays full copyright fees for the airing of all its videos. It's completely free for visitors, as revenue is generated through embedded advertising that lasts only 15 seconds before the video is shown.

The emergence of the legal video site is another first in Turkey, as an avenue for fans that wish to support the artist and their works, including new talent with options for unsigned artists to get their voice heard, too.

The site carries almost all of Tarkan's videos, including some rare features, and has been reported in the Turkish media.

UPDATE: Video site hitklip closed, MÜ-YAP opens YouTube Channel >>

Other News in Brief

In a run-down of Tarkan related articles in media channels Sabah and Haberturk for the last 12 days, news stories have included comments made about the artist on TV and by personal development experts.

On the 15 March, Sabah ran an article about Tarkan's manager for domestic affairs Uygar Ataş, in which he complains that his profession is regarded as an easy one by most artists so that they leave it up to their families. Tarkan's long-term manager and managing director of the artist's label HITT, cited US artist Beyonce as an example.

Meanwhile Haberturk published a report (17 March, 2008) claiming that the Turkish Language Association (Türk Dil Kurumu) will be trying to secure talks with Tarkan to appear in a concert for a competition they are looking to run encouraging young people to use correct Turkish, especially in an age where technological advancement like SMS messaging is distorting language use.

The TDK had previously presented Tarkan with a congratulatory certificate for the standard of Turkish and usage of traditional idioms in the lyrics to his 2007 album.

Moving on to collecting celebrity quotes for the week that was, on the 20 March Sabah printed a quote from TV host Ahmet Çakar who said on a game show (when a question was asked about Tarkan) that "I love Tarkan. Greatest paradox I've ever saw, the Red Army that the CIA couldn't shake, he shook with his shikidim!" He was talking about the Russian Red Army Choir (Choir Aleksandrov) that came to Turkey in 2001 - most notably appearing on Hülya Avşar's talk show - and included Tarkan's songs in their repertoire.

Keeping on Tarkan's tracks, the following day the album "Bosphorus Night 2" was selected as the paper's album of the week, which has a remixed version of "Gülümse Kaderine" from his 2003 Dudu EP in its play list. Tarkan Deluxe had recently published information about the album.

Üsküdar Musiki Cemiyeti ChoirMeanwhile, in last Sunday's supplement for Sabah (23 March, 2008), there ran a story about Tarkan's first music academy where he received classical music training. The Üsküdar Musiki Cemiyeti Academy has a 90 year history of supporting Turkish classical music, with some of the most prominent names of the genre coming from its auspicious halls. It has currently been in its present buildings for nearly half a century.

In relation to the anniversary of one of Istanbul's oldest music communities, founder of Turkish independent record label company Kalan - which specialises in musical traditions - Hasan Saltık is reported as mentioning a rumour that Tarkan is gearing up to release a classical Turkish album for his domestic market, hailing a new growing interest in an ancient genre that has roots spanning back more than four centuries during the times of the Ottoman Empire.

There had been an expectation for Tarkan to release a classical album - even before news of Metamorfoz began to circulate - after Tarkan's smash run of Harbiye concerts in 2006.

And finally, also in last Sunday's edition of Sabah, personal development guru Mümin Sekman - while pushing his recent best-selling book "Limit Sizsiniz" (You're the Limit) - said in an analysis of Tarkan's success that:

"He's one of the names that has a strong connection with his fan base. However, in the last two years his career has been in question. He is skating with success! Because after a time the passion of people may dim, and they can put their career on hold then. It's possible there is a slowing down of Tarkan's determination and drive..."

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