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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tarkan: Looking Behind the Name

Shot from music video Pare Pare

In an attempt to focus on Tarkan's self-proclaimed musical metamorphosis and the feedback we've received as a result, I've decided to share some of those emails here once more.

This time I'm publishing parts of an email correspondence from a valued Tarkan Deluxe reader whose insightful views Tarkan's critics and the artist's own team could well benefit from.

For example, critics of Tarkan's latest incarnation who claim he is a carbon copy of American artists like Justin Timberlake, and the artist himself in those TRT performances where he has begun to uncharacteristically lip-synch should take note:

[For success in the US, singers] are based on money, backing and publicity. Not on talent. We have very few singers that actually write their own songs. They can not sing, they lip-sync thru shows (which used to lead to an out-cry but is now just accepted) and they have CDs electronically produced which sound nothing like them. I cringe when I hear a reference between Tarkan and Justin Timberlake. JT is simply a publicity creation. The comments that Tarkan should be another JT simply means (to me) that he would have to move back down the talent ladder several steps.

The other issue that will prevent Tarkan from any success is the mid-east Muslim issue. Yes, I know...Turkey is not mid-east. [But] to most in the US he is and Turkey is. Most Americans don't know the difference in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran or Iraq. They are all countries with people wear robes, are 20 years behind the US and are Muslim fanatics. There is just too much prejudice in the US. My son-in-law (a surgeon) is [a foreigner] and I would never have believed the level of prejudice he has faced in the US. While he speaks at least 8 languages he is looked down on by people who are barely able to speak one.

And Tarkan's team could also take some advice from our reader:

...who is taking care of this guy? For the 2nd time his own site can't get the video to play properly. Same as his passport visa issue in London [for the Wembley concert]. Who is taking care of his business? The band gets thru with proper visa but his is held cause they only obtained a tourist visa for him. Makes you wonder why the correct papers were done on everyone but somehow got messed up on him. On the other hand, with as many people floating in and out of England... was it really necessary to detain a singer that is clearly and obviously known throughout Europe? Was the intention just to humiliate and if so by whose idea?

However, our reader's comments are even more notable in regard to Tarkan's pre-Wembley Arena show interview for BBC London radio and his music video "Pare Pare".

So, with her kind permission, I've decided to share some of those thoughts - and mine that followed which incidentally developed into a discussion about the real man behind the public persona - with our other readers in a small two part serial.

  1. BBC London Radio Interview
  2. "Pare Pare" Music Video

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