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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Entertainment Show's Tarkan Report

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan on ATV's Ozel HatTarkan on ATV's Özel Hat; click on pictures for larger view

Turkish channel ATV's weekly late night entertainment show Özel Hat aired footage from Tarkan's 2008 Baku concerts yesterday evening, and also found the chance to talk with the star about the recent speculations in his private life.

Two Nights of Tarkan in Baku: Extra Details

One of Turkey's most popular national TV stations, privately owned ATV included two Tarkan reports in its weekly dose of celebrity and entertainment news on its late night show Özel Hat, aired on Tuesday.

Both reports involved Tarkan's 21-22 May Baku concerts, and while the first focused on the show and the audience, the second report included a chat with Tarkan backstage and at Istanbul's main Atatürk Airport after returning from Baku on 23 May.

While the high price of the tickets for the Azeri shows have been making the paper headlines in Turkey (with one paper claiming that the tickets were at world record breaking prices), reporters filmed the large crowd as it gathered at the Azerbaijan capital's open air Green Theatre for the 21 May show, and interviewed some Azeri girls from the crowd, who were all very excited that Tarkan had come to their country. There were no comments as to ticket costs.

The footage also showed Tarkan during the first concert calling the audience to come closer to the stage, while due to rainfall during the concert on the following evening fans threw him an umbrella, and the artist continued his performance holding the umbrella and confessing to fans that this was a first for him - and had made the show memorable.

It was possibly Tarkan's first time on stage as it rained but not his first rain soaked show: the artist had slipped on stage during another rainy concert in 1997 - this time in Ankara.

Reminiscent of his 1997-era, the star himself looked radiant and in full form in front of the cameras in Baku, and in top shape for his upcoming 2008 busy concert schedule.

Tarkan Refuses to Comment

Opening act Zarema has
also been romantically
linked with Tarkan
Visibly happy and confident, he answered all press questions before getting up on stage with a smile, including ones the press had been requested not to ask - involving the current rumours that he had separated from his girlfriend of seven years, lawyer and businesswoman Bilge Öztürk.

Recent celebrity gossip had it that Tarkan had split from his girlfriend due to his refusal to marry, while some news reports even claimed that the Turkish pop star had cheated on his girlfriend with the young Israeli model who had appeared in his "Vay Anam Vay" video - with Öztürk moving out of his home while he was in Baku.

The artist refused to openly comment about these questions, which were put to him backstage at Baku and on his arrival back in Istanbul. All he would say was that the speculations were not true, he was still with Öztürk, but he would not comment.

However, even though the artist didn't confirm rumours of a split, his manner seemed to state otherwise, suggesting that the relationship had cooled.

Tarkan Making a Move to Film?

Although Tarkan was very evasive on questions about his private life, when questioned about wanting to get into the movies, the artist was glad to change the subject.

When asked about whether he had heard he was being considered for a role in a film project about the life of Turkish classicist Müzeyyen Senar (to play one of her lovers from her youth), Tarkan expressed surprise, but said he was willing to be a part of any project that involved Senar, as long as the project was a good one.

The artist is a self-confessed fan and has kept close ties with the unforgettable doyen of Turkish classical music - with whom he sang a duet in 1998 and whose recovery from a serious stroke he has been following closely.

A music video was also filmed to Tarkan and Senar's duet and can be viewed at Turkish legal video site hitklip, where performance rights are paid to artists through advertising revenue.

UPDATES: Video site hitklip closed, MÜ-YAP opens YouTube Channel >>

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