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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tarkan Report on Entertainment Shows

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

The same report taken with Tarkan by journalists, when the artist was out in Istanbul one evening, has been doing the rounds on the entertainment shows across Turkey's national TV stations this weekend, including ATV and Star.

Apart from mentioning the possibility of the release of a rumoured Metamorfoz remix album, the most relevant part of the quick chat is the news regarding the latest music videos from his 2007 award-winning album Metamorfoz that are in the works.

Music Video News

Reporters caught up with the artist in a merry mood on the streets of the Turkish cultural capital one evening last week as he left a party given with Metin Arolat, to celebrate the wrapping up of his third music video.

Contrary to previous news reports that Tarkan was going to film a video to track "Arada Bir" - seemingly continuing in opposition to the poll results gathered at his official site after choosing "Pare Pare" - Tarkan revealed that the next two music videos would be to the top two results voted by his fans.

Explaining that he had just finished filming "Dedikodu" under the direction of Arolat - a name which had been correctly reported by the press in relation to the third video project however - the artist also spoke of plans to record a video for "Dilli Düdük" before he begins a series of summer concerts.

Friend and singer Arolat has directed firm fan favourites such as the video to "Kuzu Kuzu".

Owner of Tarkan Deluxe, Ali Yildirim had previously criticised the artist's decision in filming videos against the results of the music poll on the artist's site.

"My vote was for "Pare Pare", but I would have rather seen the majority vote be taken into consideration, because that's what we do in a democratic process," he had written in response to a reader's feedback.

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