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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Tarkan News Snippets

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe once again presents its readers with an informed digest of news stories hitting the headlines about Turkey's much-loved and much-scorned pop artist Tarkan.

The F1 Party

Tarkan at official F1 partyFirst up, the main national papers in Turkey have begun to report about Tarkan's performance at F1's official party in Istanbul.

While Hürriyet and Milliyet both write favourably about the performance, with stories that Tarkan wowed the audience which included his old flame Elif Dağdeviren, Haberturk decided to criticise the artist with its claims the artist had performed in playback again.

Headlined as a "Playback shock from Tarkan", the news portal claims that the audience were disappointed with Tarkan for not singing live at the event and that it had been overshadowed by the larger celebrations of Turkish team Galatasaray winning this season's football league championships.

Tarkan has also been criticised for his playback performances for Turkish state broadcaster TRT, and it seems the artist is saving his famed live performances for his public concerts.

Lip-syncing is becoming widely used by respected artists, with the BBC reporting that even the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti was miming during his last performance at the winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, with the decision taken because of the cold during the outdoor evening event.

Celebrity gossip portal Uçankuş had been the first to report on the exclusive 10 May F1 party, which saw the pop artist - sporting a new cropped hairstyle again - entertain 1,500 people including high profile guests at Istanbul's renowned club Reina, for the official sponsor of the Turkish F1.

Latest Projects

Meanwhile, the Turkish English daily Turkish Daily News has reported that Tarkan is beginning his commitments to Turkish nature conservation society Doğa Derneği, which he had signed up to earlier this year.

The English daily reports that the artist has joined a campaign launched by the Turkish nature association to convince local and international institutions to recognize the Tigris Valley in the southern part of Turkey as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site, and to stop the building of a dam that could cause the flooding of a historical site to be lost forever.

Tarkan will be present in the region on May 14 to open an office of the nature association, from where the society will continue its scientific work and follow the developments in the region directly.

In his BBC London radio interview two months ago the artist had emphasised he wanted to start a new phase in his life and spend more time on charity projects.

"Besides music I'm starting to work on this new path in my life ... I really want to help [protect] nature because I think that [people] underestimate the power of nature and that we are part of nature. There's a foundation in Turkey and we are going to do some amazing projects together," he had said in the interview.

More Music Video News

Pare Pare has reached the number two spot in the Turkish Billboard Turkish Top TwentyAnd finally, Tarkan's second music video "Pare Pare", from his award-winning album Metamorfoz, continues its rise in the airplay charts.

From its number six position in the Turkish Top Twenty Billboard chart last week, it has jumped to take the number two slot this week.

Billboard's ratings unify airplay and sales charts, with airplay figures collected from Nielsen Music Control, the world respected research media company that monitors radio and TV stations across Turkey.

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