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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wembley's Other Story: Feedback

We've had a landslide of comments all saying the same things about Sebastian Merrick's article on Tarkan's concert at the Wembley Arena.

Most of the comments made about the promoter's point of view were unrepeatable due to the passionate nature of Tarkan fans, but I've decided to offer up a small slice of the public reaction to Merrick's opinion to let all sections have some say:

T in Texas, USA, writes:

I thought [Merrick's] comments about us fans were disgusting saying that most of us would have enjoyed him singing karaoke and calling us girls, most of us where I sat were women big difference all of us 40 plus. I agree the turn out was around 5000 quite low I agree. But that man was on stage for at least 2hrs 30mins. Never ever less than 2 hours as he says. I know as I needed to pee!!! Also to categorise us all as girls without any idea is stupid. We could all do a better job once something has happened. I enjoyed the concert and I think Tarkan did his best. I am so tired of the over kill about the concert. It happened, I was there, enough for me. Could it have been better??? Not from my point of view. Maybe better advertising, more standing people, as I can assure you all the seats where I was sitting where full not a single seat empty!! As for the standing crowd there were lots of youngsters having a blast. Yes he didn't fill the stadium, but it was a very big place and in England. Tarkan rocked it.

Also the awesome Ayhan Gunyıl did a guitar solo intro for Tarkan (Tarkan gave him the spotlight). The band was not average you could see by the interaction between Tarkan and them, they kinda knew each other. As for the dancers they were bad but I wasn't there to see dancers. I was there to see Tarkan, didn't realise they were on stage some of the time. But I think this was how Tarkan wanted it. He did say [in the BBC London interview] no more dancers, fancy stuff etc... that's what we got. I loved it. Had a great moment with my daughter as "Kuzu Kuzu" was about halfway thru she said, I got to share this with you Mum, it will go in the memory box.

Must explain memory box (shoe box) all [my] kids have [been] told [to] go write down special moments with me, photos pieces of stuff that matter, no matter how daft, so you can look back and know when I have to leave. We often look at the boxes and have a laugh!!! Would recommend this to any parent as all we do as parents is keep mum n dad memories. It's good too for the kids to have their memories too.


Samuel S. from the UK writes:

Was this guy [Merrick] even at the same concert? I was there, I heard every beautiful word that beautiful man sang and I had the best night of my life! So what if he didn't fill the arena up to the top, no other singer in Turkey could have come close, not those acts he mentioned in his piece. I always respect your blog for putting the other side, and for all it does for us fans, but I had to write in and say I *completely* disagree with that guy's post.


Valentino L. from the UK writes:

I lost my voice from screaming with all the girls. Maybe this man couldn't hear Tarkan because of me!


Derek B. from the UK writes:

I wasn't a girl and I was screaming. Do I count? And karaoke with Tarkan on stage!!! wf excellent idea!


G.K. from the UK writes:

I agree with some of what [Merrick] wrote. tarkan has reached a lot of places other international artists (not just Turkish) fail to reach, and there was a big opportunity to do so much more with this show. But I think Tarkan suffered from a lack of foresight on the part of the organisers, though we all think we can do better with hindsight. Still you have to credit [the organisers] for trying.


Marsha from the UK writes:

So 5000 people went to the concert and only 4999 had a good time. So what? This was one of my dreams come true. Great blog by the way!

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